Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Have I Been Remiss?

Mike asks why I haven't made a new entry.

Well, at the moment I'm waiting for my wife to get ready, so we can go vote.

Work has been busy and I've had my head down doing game development in the evenings. I've also had a couple of systems poot on me and I'm trying to get a SQL Server up and running again.

I'm using the TSE SDK from these folks.

Its fun working on the slippery slope of the bleeding edge.

I've had scattered thoughts of things to comment on. There's so much going on, that others are covering well, that I haven't felt like I have much to add.

I've been tempted to vent over this whole Christian Right, Closet Drug Addicted Gay Pastor event, God speaking to Bush etc..., but I feel like my thoughts are more angry than coherent.

I do have the recurring thought that if Bush does believe that God told him to invade Iraq, then God knew that more than 7,000 servicemen would die as a result of that action. So it follows that God sent Bush to kill US servicemen. So when Bush says God told him to start a war, Bush is saying that he's an angel of death, sent to command the deaths of thousands of Americans. Its Bush's religious convictions that they died for. Then we have what will probably be over one million Iraqis that God told Bush to kill.

Sometimes I wish I could believe in Christianity again. I do wish that there was a special place for world leaders that kill millions of people for Jesus, as Bush has done. It would be a comfort.

I don't think of myself as Godless, I just no longer see this Heaven and Hell thing, as anything more than an excuse to leave things as they are and let God work it all out. Its an excuse to sit home on election day and trust in God.

Its time to go vote. I have a hope that my vote will mean something, but I lack faith.


At 1:33 PM, Blogger farmgirl said...

Yeah, too bad you learned to use that brain that God gave you.

I think you don't post here so much because you expend so much effort over at CFN instead. You write reams over there!


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