Friday, March 05, 2010

Lone Gunman Linked (To Fill In The Blank) Extremism

Well another man that is angry with the government has given his life in the fight against the machine.

He appears by all accounts to have acted alone and is not linked to any particular group or cause, except for the non-organized, '9/11 Truth Movement'.

As far as we know, he didn't leave a suicide note. Perhaps he was a afraid that if he blogged his reasons, he'd stopped sooner? Still, we are left wondering why he did he gave his life in a shootout at the Pentagon. Was it just anger that drove him? Did he have an ideology he was fighting for?

And lack of usch information, has just made him a tool for others. Look at the Christian science Monitor. They are using him as an excuse to rail against right wing extremists in the article, "John Patrick Bedell: Did right-wing extremism lead to shooting?" In this article, the question is never answered. He's simply used as a prop in an article that is unrelated to his story.

The only meaning I can ascribe to this man's actions, is that he has now become a statistic. A footnote in the struggle to end the rampant lawlessness in the upper reaches of Washington politics. At least that is one of the things, he has railed against on the internet.

And what did he accomplish? He wounded two police officers. Two men, that as far as I know, had nothing material to do with the causes he did rant about.

In the end, this seems so pointless to me. It's a crime and a loss without meaning. The occasional lone gunman or bomber will not change a thing in Washington. The only thing that will bring change, is for the American people to rise up with one voice and force that change.

And there's a fat chance of that happening anytime soon. We are well divided against ourselves. We are divisive, full of hate and anger. And we are taught to be fearful and hateful by the very powers that prey upon us.

So long as Washington keeps the American people divided in a culture war, there will be no change in Washington. And I don't see that culture war coming to an end anytime soon. You'd think by now that most Americans would've gone the message that both parties are out to destroy everything they know and love. Well not destroy, maybe. They just want to steal it.

But no, the ratio of true believers are still fighting for their right to be abused and raped by their political heroes, and so the game continues.

I guess that John left it open for us to invent our own reasons to explain his behavior with. Or perhaps, a suicide note will come to light later? Perhaps he didn't think he'd die? Well whatever the cause of the lack of a clear cause, the media will certainly find a myriad of excuses to dance on his grave.

And perhaps we'll even see Congress pass legislation, making suicide missions against the government, unlawful?


At 9:06 PM, Blogger Bukko Canukko said...

This latest idiot, who only succeeded in wounding two low-level lawmen, illustrates why I jeeringly ask poseur online "we must have our guns to fight a tyrannical government" types this question: "Who are you gonna shoot when it comes time to have the revolution?" Yeah, dipshit, blast some cops outside a subway station. The people with real power are rubbing their hands together and chuckling. For all your research and ravings, you didn't do too well at identifying and eliminating anyone who might REALLY be behind the conspiracy, did you?

At 6:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Bukko, the wrong people always end up casualties of this type of guerrilla action.


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