Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm Walkin On Sunshine Woh! Oh!

Here I am, breaking the rules of internet etiquette again.

My call for a bailouts in the first quarter of 2011, didn't come true. Sure, there are bailouts, we have POMO, we have the banks shimmed between the taxpayers and the Fed, skimming $billions in profits from gov debt, for doing nothing. these days, Welfare Queens don't drive Cadillacs. They drive high end Ferrari's, collect yachts and live in spacious Manhattan Penthouses.

but i was looking for something public. We didn't get that.

This time last year, I expect that that gasoline prices would rise in the fall. I was wrong. But they are certainly high now.

Mike Ruppert thinks the crash I was predicting, is coming by July.

We always have recessions following oil and gasoline price spikes. These price spikes drive up the cost of everything in the supply chains.

Earlier I was forecasting my impressions of where things were going and when. I got those wrong. But when it comes to major downturns after energy price spikes, that's a certainty. Mike may be right about July. i find it difficult to believe that the global economy can pay for ever increasing fuel prices into summer. Gasoline prices may hit $6/gal in parts of the USA, but I don't believe it will make it to $10/gal. We'll crash before that happens.

And now for a dedication to Henry Paulson, Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke.


At 4:36 AM, Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... Walking on Sunsine, eh? You betcha! When I wrote back in 2008 posting about Hank Paulson and the bailout scam they were going to try to pull, I called him Henry "Bank of Hank" Paulson ... I knew they were going to get the bailout, is why I wrote so much about it back then, I even knew they were going to bite something right before the end of 2008, because the investment banker's knew once the Bush/ Cheney folk's leave, they will have to try to re- recruit McCain, or have a fight on their hand's if Obama made it, they were so desperate in all they were doing, everything was so obvious ... as far as prediction ... although I am not a predictor ... all the scam's I wrote about in 08 including the HCR scam, I nailed with pinpoint accuracy ... but no ... I'm not a "predictor" ... what I do is look at all the card's on the table,then think like "they" do (like a crook) only.

Ruppert bring's up some great point's, and much accuracy ... I know some folk's will call him a conspiracy theorist, but most folk's that talk out of the box, or too much reality these day's are called that, or nutcase, or pessimist's, and those folk's that dont listen are the one's who are almost alway's incorrect on their assessment's and later, trying to explain why they were wrong or why what happened ... happened, or whatever the case is. I'm not right or wrong, or left or right, etc ... I'm a guy who get's the JOB done only, I dont care what's right or wrong even, I know most law's are made for the benefit of those who control(whodo we think write's them? :), just like their religion's, moral's, or the other rubbish that so many fear to frown on ... I decide what is right/ wrong for me. Even these war's are bullshit, they say it's to free people abroad, I dont care about the folk's abroad ... charity start's at home, we spend so much time worrying about those abroad, and take it up the ass here? That's not love or anything, that's stupidity ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. Do we really think any of those nation's will help us or bail us? That's even dumber to think that. :)

We need to fix our own shit brother, right here. I dont do any banking business or other business with these too large to fail folk's, beside's TXU Energy and this bloody AT&T internet service, I wont spend a dime with any of these giant's I dont have to, I do all my business with local's and small indies.

Thanx for the vid's Guy ....

At 5:06 AM, Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Another thing that popped up just now listening to Mike ... uhhh ... about a month or so ago I done a posting (maybe 2?) that was about the possibility of a municipal bond crisis in America, and I included a "60 minutes" video too. But I dont recall Mike talking about that, perhap's it was a tad off subject ... but this concern's me WD, because so many middle class folk's have retirement portfolio's that are heavy into these as investment's, and if the municipalities in the US keep failing, those are going to the dog's along with the portfolio's, yet these folk's who most pay agencies/ broker's to manage their portfolio's will still have to pay their fee's. The reason this concerned me, is because back in 08 so many American middle class folk's took severe hit's on their retirement plan's, many even lost up to 50% of all they had, and it WONT be recovered. My son- in- law lost over $20K of his retirement and other's I knew, and this is also why I avoided company 401K's over 20 year's ago, after studying what they were offering us, I was one of only a few employee's that declined to participate, they even had comapny manager's try to persuade us to change our mind's, and that's what really show's you the truth, is when folk's try to tell you what you should invest your money in. But I wanted to point this out, because WD ... IF the municipal bond's go down, it will have a severe impact on our nation across the board and likely a 2nd recession will come, because even though were told everything is recovering, that's also incorrect ... we are barely holding on to be frank, and very close to a double dip.

They also want to eliminate SSI as well as part of their privatization plan for America .... but we need to understand as I explained in posting's .... they will try to pass law's to force us to invest our SSI/ retirement dollar's into offshore investment's, and if and when you question or decline ... they will simply say "It's the Law". I'll shut the Hell up now.

At 5:14 AM, Blogger Weaseldog said...

RC, you're right.

Goldman Sachs and BofA run Argentina's economy, and have for over a decade.

Now they run the USA's.

When you see your portfolio manager raping another customer, you can bet he'll do you too.

In Argentina, the banks killed the muni-market, stole all of the pensions, SS, 401ks and IRAs.

They'll do it in the USA too.

I hear a lot of big talk about how the people will rise up and put a stop to it. As if people struggling to feed their children are going to board a flight to Qatar to teach the bankers a lesson.

At 2:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Weaseldog,

The uber-welfare royalty doesn't care about $10/gal. gasoline, they have already stolen trillions. When the money is no good no more price becomes irrelevant because clownbux will be a laughingstock worldwide.

At 6:18 AM, Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

That's exactly the whole point as you point out for folk's struggling to feed their children jumping on a plane to go to another country or to tell banker's a thing or two ... You see WD ... that is the whole scam that they have had going for year's ... to KEEP FOLK'S STRUGGLING, or distracted, and especially to get sucked into a cesspool of debt that you will spend half of your life getting out of (they also want to try to stop our right to sue, saying lawsuit's are frivolous, etc, and take away any leverage you have to do any damn thing to protect your own interest's). It is time consuming and an expense and more difficult to attack any of what they do, because we are in chain's by them to some degree. Short story here (true) ... back in the 1980's ... I done everything by card/ credit, I never even got paycheck's back then, I used direct deposit, went cashless, etc. Over the year's I seen I was in debt on credit card's believe it or not, roughly $28K ... I was barely paying the interest mailing out check's to these folk's monthly, and I even made decent money back then, had a new car every couple year's, rental's on weekend's to travel, etc (Mexico alot), etc. It took me a decade to clear that crap up, these dayz ... I dont use credit card's/ lending ... I throw all their offer's away/ trash. I dont live beyond my mean's either, and dont even deal with any of these istitution's that I can stay away from, because I know what their objective's are.

At 2:25 PM, Blogger Dave Dubya said...

Whatever the juggling act the elites are now holding things together with may be, chances are good they cannot deal with the ripple, or tsunami, effects a natural disaster coupled with a nuclear event can produce.

It's gonna be interesting.

At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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