Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Small Change In Venue

I sure love to rant. And that’s the real reason I haven’t posted much here. Some of you might remember the previous incarnation of this blog. It was rant after rant, all based on news of the day.

After a number of posts, I wondered, was this a real form of communication? Am I really saying anything useful? I also realized there was no cathartic effect in writing the pieces I was writing. I was just becoming increasingly angry. So why the heck was I doing that?

There’s plenty of stuff going on to get angry about. We have criminals leading two major nations, that are slaughtering people for profit. The multinationals are stripping the US, UK and Australia clean before the oil and gas run out. There is absolutely no local planning going on that I can see to account for upcoming shortages.

So why worry. Bend like the willow. Become one with the wind and wind shall not harm you… Well, sounds good. And actually it is decent advice. But it can be tough to follow after being knocked around a little. But I have a lot of respect for Sun Tzu and the old masters. Their wisdom is universal and timeless.

So I’m henceforth going to make an effort to post more. I’m also going to make an effort to post less angry pieces. Much of what I want to say, I’ve said many times on other forums. After all a calm and rational mind is better able to adapt to changing circumstances.

But I will comment on news of the day, and I’ll comment on gardening, music and whatever else comes to mind. If I happen to get off my lazy butt and do something useful, I may very well write about that also.
“So it goes” – Frank Vonnegut jr.

Ken Kifer, you're still missed.


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