Monday, January 30, 2006

Worst Blog Ever

I’ve been accused of having the Worst Site ever. By someone that gives out that award frequently. Too bad he or she probably didn’t mean it. And BTW, I know who you are, and thank you for stopping by.

But there’s a worse site than mine. It’s blog site designed to be commercial, and by the tone of the writing, to give high school students a chance to get published, by writing about assigned topics. Or at least it reads that way.

One of the things I really like about blogging, is that more often than not, blogs are diaries. They aren’t intended to be mainstream reporting. The stories we read in blogs are often as much about the blogger themselves, as the topic they are writing about.

But at Pajamas Media, they’ve found a way to turn blogging into reporting. And quite often, pretty boring reporting at that.

But not always boring. Check this one out by John Rosenthal. He becomes absolutely gleeful that a kidnap victim in Iraq is going to be executed. He argues that she got herself kidnapped on purpose, to further the Baathist cause. And what is her crime that makes John gleeful of her impending death? Well, she was arranging aid shipments into Iraq. Evidently, providing aid to the people of Iraq is a bad thing.

And this really shows what the Far Right want to go in Iraq. The whole democracy and peace bit is just a public relations front. The Far Right not surprisingly sees all of the Iraqi people as the enemy. They aren’t viewing this war in the way the media depicts it and never will. They want Iraq completely crushed. Forcing democracy and freedom on a people at the point of a gun never worked, and never will. The Far Right knows this. And that’s never been the plan. They love war. They love death. War is nothing but sport to these people. It's a game that they send others off to play, so they can prime and primp. Manliness is sending boys off to die for your ego.

Combining corporate management, with pretend news reporting, in the service of warmongering has been done to death. So what if it’s on a pretend blog? We still know what it is. Worst Blog Ever.


At 8:43 AM, Blogger Puma said...

You know, I was going to be an upright soul and read at least four or five pieces on Pajamas Media, for the express purpose of knowing what I was talking about when I go to describe what's wrong with it, but I just couldn't get past how boring it was. I really tried, too. But the last thing I want to waste my time on is some 16 yr old's censored, outline-following, spell-checked "opinion." I would much rather hear what they say when they aren't kissing ass to get published.

At 1:49 PM, Blogger Weaseldog said...

Kudos for trying to read it. :)

Pajamas Media has been hyped as the Right's answer to free speech on the liberal blogosphere.

Some big bucks have been spent on it to get it up and running.

It is boring. It reads like it's forced. And finally it makes me damn proud of my blogosphere friends who produce far more interesting content, with no expectation of a fiscal reward.

I imagine this is just the first step in a trend to corporatist blogging, where every corporation keeps a blog to educate the public. They'll call it revolutionary and innovative.

Next step will be college classes in writing blogs and professional firms that will maintain blogs for corporations.

Or has that already been the norm for some time?

At 6:19 AM, Blogger Puma said...

I don't know... my daughter (who is in college) hasn't mentioned anything about any blogging being encouraged by her school, other than what the kids do on their own (the myplace and journal sites), at least so far. I wouldn't be surprised if we see the corporate-blog development soon though, since we already have that blurring of the line in tech and trade magazines. I think corporations are already encouraging *certain* employees to "blog" about the company, but of course only if it puts a nice positive glow on the company. Tech employees were the first to get fired for blogging negatively about their companies, even if done on their own time.


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