Thursday, February 02, 2006

Free Speech Is For Iraq, Not America

Well, it seems that arresting Cindy Sheehan and ejecting a Congressman’s wife, at the Capital Building before the State of the Union Address was a big mistake. Charges are being dropped and apologies made.

It seems all that she is guilty of, is breaking tradition by not dressing formally. Yet, one attendee was naked except for a necklace.

But the message is clear. If you want to practice free speech, go to Iraq where our soldiers are fighting for freedom. In the US, terrorists want to destroy our freedoms, so we have to give in and give up.

If you live in America and you disagree with President’s conduct, then keep your mouth shut. Otherwise you’re helping the terrorists. Don’t like Bush? Keep your mouth shut. Don’t like Clinton? Keep your mouth shut.

It’s the new way.


At 10:13 PM, Blogger Concerned said...

aww come on, no one keeps their mouths shut about Clinton, monica and the blue dress. In fact bashing Clinton is the media's favorite pass time.

Not sticking up for Clinton, but the bad things he did do, NAFTA and deregulation of the media, are silent, but yet we get to hear about "Whitewater" and his penile activities all the time.

Don't like Clinton? Keep your mouth open . . like Monica.

p.s.- you know i love ya. But who kept their mouth shut about Clinton?


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