Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bush Asks For Help In Building His Vision Of Clusterfuck!

From the, "You Can't Make This Crap up", files.
Previewing the speech for reporters, Hadley said Bush will discuss how establishing democracies in the Middle East has "an important part to play to give the people in the region a vision of hope and opportunity and a better future."

"He will also ... emphasize the fact that countries need to find their way toward free and just societies in their own time, consistent with their own culture and traditions," Hadley said.

And Bush will "showcase" what the administration sees as positive results from its "freedom agenda," "the most remarkable being the processes of freedom and democracy going on in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon," according to Hadley.

Is Dictator Bush is going before the UN to demonstrate that he's the stupidest man alive? Or does he actually love and cherish the carnage? I think it's both.


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