Thursday, November 16, 2006

Police torture a student at UCLA.

This is what Wingnuts are fighting for. This is the country that the Michelle Maulkins and Chad Castanogas want.

After the first tasering, the kid would not have been able to stand. That's the point. The police officers know this. That's part of the their training.

They kept tasering him to torture him and to show the other students that they can be tortured anytime, for any reason also.

The point here is to make the students fear and hate the Campus Police. Beyond a sense of pleasure for the police officer, there's no other reason for policemen to torture innocent people in front of a crowd.

This kid's only crime was that he did not show a student ID, in a library that is open to the general public. That's not a criminal offence. I understand that it will piss policie officer off and they have the right to cuff you for that. But they don't have the right to torture you for this slight agianst them.

The only people that clearly committed a crime was the police officers that assaulted and tortured this kid.

I think every parent that has a son or daughter in UCLA should think long and hard about whether are safer schools for their loved ones to attend.

Statement from UCLA Acting Chancellor Norman Abrams About Incident at Powell Library

UCLA top cops:
Chief of Police, Karl T. Ross 310 825-1633
Captain, John Adams 310 825-4406

Bruins Nation

LA Times Story


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