Wednesday, December 13, 2006

When You're Next To Me

Ok, I need to wind down a bit.

This clip comes from a movie that I haven't tired of watching, 'A Mighty Wind'. In it Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara perform in an actual live concert, that was performed and filmed as part of a parody of the public television specials, that bring long forgotten musicians, back for one last concert. You know the ilk. You've watched them. I know you have.

In my opinion, the film was very well done and paid homage to the folk scene with unexpected grace.

This particular scene however was cut from the movie. But appears on the DVD, tucked away in the bonus features. If you have the DVD, it contains an Easter Egg, where you can see more scenes by selecting one of the banjo strings in the menu. Perhaps I've seen this movie too many times? This particular track, 'When You're Next To Me', was written by Annette O'Toole, who wrote three songs for the movie.

One final note, the folks who appeared in this movie, actually played their own songs. In the bonus segments, Eugene and Catherine discuss the challenge of going from amateur musicians that play at music, for fun and comedy, to playing full length songs in a serious vein. Eugene admits he's always been the type that knows a few lead parts, but can't finish a song.

Hats off to you two. That's a major transition to make.


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