Thursday, May 03, 2007

Halliburton and Terrorism

Check out the video on Crooks And Liars

Government Oversight Continues With Halliburton, Cheney & Terrorists

The video backs up some assertions I've made in the past.

At the time, I couldn't find online attributions.

Halliburton continues to work both sides of the war and supports terrorism in the name of profits. They do so legally, by using subsideraries.

Dick Cheney continues to profit from the same people who are working to kill our soldiers in Iraq. Halliburton under Dick Cheney's watch profitted under the rule of Saddam Hussein even while under sanctions. Halliburton says they legally did this by using their subsidiary in Libya, which was a nation on the terrorism watch list.

Dick Cheney even under the rule of Clinton was helping to fund international terrorism through shady business practices.

Until the Bush administration lifted the terrorism designation for Libya, Halliburton had billions of dollars frozen in Libyan banks.

Halliburton must've known this was coming. Its a smart for them to move to the UAE. then they can profit from terrorism without breaking US laws.

They'll likely then simply take subcontracts from a corporation in the US to do overseas work.


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