Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pete Sessions

Finally some video of my Representative, Congressman Pete Sessions-R Texas.

In this one he talks about being pro-troops. Yet he's consistently voted to reduce their benefits. He's voted to increase the time that stay in Iraq. He's voted against bills to protect their families.

for Pete Sessions, the phrase, 'Supporting Our Troops', means to make them stay in Iraq until they are dead or maimed. what he really means is, 'Supporting The Undefined Mission".

Until recently Pete and other Republicans told us that setting goals in Iraq was bad for the troops. That goals = losing.

I guess they've given up on the idea that a lack of goals is a good thing. Now they want goals / benchmarks.

But still we need to define what the mission is. And that mission has to be one that we can succeed at, by using military force. This is something that both parties seem to miss as htey rally around the troops. As long as we don't have a mission that can be accomplished by simply slaughtering human beings, then we don't have a mission that can be accomplished by war.

The Republicans say that our mission is to make Iraq a free and democratic society. But this has historically been accomplished by defeating and driving out an invading nation. The world knows that Iraq can't be property of the US Military and be a free and democratic nation at the same time.

Until the US leaves, Iraq will remain a military dictatorship, under the command of US Generals.

A free and democratic Iraq would have the freedom to choose sides against the US. Our Washington leadership can never let this happen. If it did, Iraq would want its own oil. It would be free to choose who pumps their oil. They would not have to sell off all of their public property to foreign corporations. They would be free to re-Nationalize public works that have been sold to foreigners.

For these reasons, the publically stated mission is at odds with our strategy.

The private mission is clearly to enslave the people of Iraq. To make the nation private property under the ownership of the new incarnations of the East India Company.

Perhaps we should be clearer about this, so that we can move forward with resolve, or better yet, admit that this isn't what the People of America want?

Its clear now that our politicians will continue to support the war even after millions of Iraqis are killed. Their purpose now is to enslave the people of Iraq and to slaughter those that won't embrace slavery. Isn't it about time they just said so?


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