Tuesday, July 10, 2007

US Iraq Chief Warns Of Long War (400 years?)

h/t Crooks And Liars

US Iraq chief warns of long war

Petraeus interview
The head of US forces in Iraq, General David Petraeus, has told the BBC that fighting the insurgency is a "long term endeavour" which could take decades.

Speaking to the BBC's John Simpson in Baquba, Gen Petraeus said there was evidence that the recent troops surge was producing gains on the ground.

But he warned that US forces were engaged in a "tough fight" which will get "harder before it gets easier".

His comments come as US calls for a rapid troop withdrawal gather strength.

Gen Petraeus was keen to emphasise that the ongoing unrest in Iraq is not something he expects to be resolved overnight.

"Northern Ireland, I think, taught you that very well. My counterparts in your [British] forces really understand this kind of operation... It took a long time, decades," he said.

Jeez! Petraeus needs a history lesson. England and Ireland were at odds for over four hundred years!

Is this the plan for Iraq? A Four Hundred Year War?

And how did that war get resolved? Britain declared peace on Ireland. They quit oppressing the Irish and allowed them self government. They let IRA militants / declared terrorists out of prison. They did things that we call, appeasing the terrorists.

If Petraeus really wants to follow the British model, then he'll be resigning soon.

As it is, the Britsh / Irish model is one of an invading nation enslaving another. Is that the US and Iraq? Petraeus says so.


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