Thursday, February 19, 2009

Open Letter to Susan Gaertner, Ramsey County Attorney

To: Susan Gaertner, Ramsey County Attorney

I want to think you for making it clear, what is in store for Americans that disagree with the Republican platform.

Your recent indictment against RNC protestors on terrorism charges, makes the US position on dissent very clear.

In the eyes of government, dissent against the Republican Party, is terrorism. From your perspective, disagreement with the Republican Party is just as heinous a crime as hijacking airplanes and flying them into buildings, or blowing up government buildings.

After all, isn't it true that all crimes begin with a thought? And so if the government is going to prevent terrorism, it must first make sure that people do not have thoughts that disagree with the party line? And to do so, the government must make sure that those who disagree with the party line are arrested and punished for their wrong thinking.

By making this a public case, rather than renditioning these people secretly, to be tortured off shore, you're sending a clear message to the public. Dissent against that party will not be tolerated.

I trust that you'll be moving forward the way other governments do and taking increasingly drastic actions, to prevent future shows of dissent against the Party? Perhaps a party guide can be published that explainhow Republican Party Patriots must act, if they do not want to become targets of the government and disapeared on terrorism charges? But then in countries where the USA taught these tactics, the point wasn't obedience, but fear. It's a lot scarier when cops bust down your door, take out a family member, then weeks later be called down to identify the loved one's mutiliated body. I think you'll agree, that fear is the point.

I'm well aware that at some future date, I may be rounded up for my anti-American rants on the importance of preserving the US Constitution as a framework document, for our laws and legal system. I know that the US Constitution is considered by most leading members of the Republican Party to be a dead and irrelevant document. History for them, after all, began on 9/11. Before that, there were no wars or terrorism. No one who lived before 9/11, had experience with a world in which people committed crimes and atrocities for political purposes.

For myself though, I'm too old now to see the world in the new way, where a boot stomping on a face is the symbol of safety and harmony. I remember a pre-9/11 world where there were terrorism and wars, and yet freedom wasn't considered an evil that must be stamped out, to make the world a safer place.

With the government bailouts following the Argentina plan, I think we both can agree that hard times are coming. Our leaders have imposed this same plan on many other nations, since the 1970s. Now with that experience, you'll be one of the chosen ones to administer the new kind of justice that was once reserved for people in countries that lacked an admirable human rights record.

I wonder, as you work to de-evolve our justice system, what role will you play. How far will you go? Will watch interrogations and executions, or will you be a willing participant?

I know that if I were smart, I wouldn't be speaking out all. For this email alone, you can have me locked up for the rest of my life on terrorism charges. But I'm a dinosaur, one of the old style patriots that still believes in the US Constitution and the Rule of Law. I hope that one day, such a dream can be restored to some degree. If not, I await my extinction. Perhaps you will play a part?

Jack Dingler


At 12:07 PM, Blogger Brother Tim said...

The Repug party is like a tankful of guppies. Susan Gaertner is a small fish. She thinks this kind of crap will give her status in the party. When they're finished using her, she'll be gobbled up.


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