Tuesday, March 10, 2009

H.R. 875 - S. 425

Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 (Introduced in House)

Text of S.425 as Introduced in Senate

There is a lot of fear projected, regarding these bills. Below are a few YouTube videos on the topic.

The bill just seems to make things that are already illegal, extra double illegal. It looks like feel-good legislation.

I don't see anything in it that eliminates organic farming. It looks like this is just hoax being perpetrated to generate a bit of hype.

On another point, I believe that restrictions on food processing and production is too stringent. This bills would reinforce these rules.

Read the bills yourself. Let me know if you see something in them I missed. I'm not so much worried that it would give enforcement authorities too much latitude. They already have a lot of latitude in enforcement and I don't see this as changing that. What I'm concerned about are the claims that these bills would make organic farming illegal. I don't see that.

Criminalize Organic Farming? EXCUSE ME?! BILLS: HR 875 and S 425

The End of Local Food (HR 875)

H.R. 875 Food Safety and Modernization Act, poor language and broad powers

Obama to Globalize American Farms - HR 875 and S 425

No Coincidences


At 3:46 PM, Blogger an average patriot said...

Criminalize organic farming and all of that is sickening! This crap just doesn't stop and leaves nothing untouched. It is friggen sickening! Everything is purposely confusing and convoluted!


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