Monday, June 01, 2009

h/t Jay Hanson

The following video is worth watching, even with the commercials...

It's interesting to see the counterproductive efforts that the constable engages in. Once he evicts these people, the houses will sit idle for years, and will probably need to be torn down a few years from now. Compared to this view, getting people out in 20 minutes, is a meaningless effort.

Once that red tag is on the door. It will serve as a beacon for looters and vandals.

As these houses fall into disrepair, suffer damage from vandals, and possibly be burned to the ground by vagrants, the city's tax base will fall.

Eventually, this constable is likely to lose his job, by undermining the city's revenue. Then he'll be forced out of his home by an upstart that will work for less.

In the long view, the job the constable is charged with is counterproductive to the health of the community. He is an opposing force, fighting against the health and vitality of the community that pays his wages.

But as he argues, he's just doing his job.


At 2:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Weaseldog,

1) I have trouble feeling sorry for that guy at the end, he looks like he's about ready to rob someone.

2) That cop, if he had half a brain, would go by the houses that had no warning first and tell them he would be back in the afternoon after he finished his other stops to throw them out. The guy just doesn't give a crap, I guess you get that way after taking shit from people but they are still human beings, at least most of them are.

3) I'm doing my part, I'll be there all next week. :D


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