Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Still Like Karl

But I think if I continue to participate on his forum, we're going to butt heads until my account is completely locked.

I tried to delete my account on the Market Ticker, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do it.

In my final email exchange with Karl, he made it clear that forums are his soapbox and I wasn't allowed to discuss any of my theories there. He went on to argue that I was polluting the forum by talking about monetary policy. At least that's what I think he meant. He was terse, I could think of multiple interpretations in what he wrote.

The theory he really doesn't like, is really just an observation.

And that's is that the course we're taking economically looks eerily similar to what the bankers did to Africa and South America. and it's many of the same bankers and the same banks.

It's my belief that if we wish to understand Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Morgan Chase, CitiBank, etc..., it helps to understand the history of these financial institutions and their dealings with other governments.

Each nation is of course unique and the circumstances of their looting is unique. but some common ground is laid out, and specified by IMF policy.

Below are the essential steps we see. You can read about them on the IMF web site in information about the Austerity Programs and the IMF charter. I don't consider this to be a theory as you can find many examples of this pattern. Further the IMF says they do this. How can you argue that there's no evidence, when the IMF has been self reporting this stuff for decades?

#1 Loan a nation money with a standard IMF contract.
The contract stipulates that if the IMF determines at any time that the nation could maybe sort of have a cash flow problem, then the IMF can take over and run all of the nation's finances. Now the USA has obviously skipped this step.

#2 The IMF provides financial advisers that help with setting a nation's economic policy, tax policies, and laws. These people work from the inside to 'help' the nation along and to gain contacts, influence the political process and expand their power. The USA already had a tradition of bankers setting policies. This is why step #1 isn't needed.

#3 Wait for a crisis to occur and step in. As the IMF writes a nation's laws and runs their economy, a 'crisis' should never occur. That's why they are there, to prevent that. But they happen anyway, and the people who let it happen, turn out to be the best people to stay and manage the crisis. These crisis tend to happen, as oil or other resource production peaks. When the revenue growth tops out and begins to decline, the IMF completely takes over the nations' economic policy and officially appoints banking members into government offices to control the nation's finances. Assuming that they don't already play this role.

The USA has effectively taken this route. once the mortgage crisis had been manufactured and allowed to explode, the bankers who pushed for the policy that led to the meltdown, were given complete control of the USA's purse strings and given the authority to write all of the checks they want without oversight or fear of incarceration, litigation or execution, should it turn out they are committing crimes while spending who knows how much money on whoever. Congress even signed off on the provision that they are not even allowed to know who gets what or how much.

#4 Under 'IMF Austerity Measures', a nation must give the bankers 30% of it's revenue. Further, they must eliminate all taxes on foreign corporations operating in their country, while jacking up taxes on citizens and local businesses.

The USA has implemented something like the 30% tax, by giving Geithner an unlimited stack of blank checks to write out, payable to the banks. We are about to give the banks another round of gargantuan sums of money in another bailout. Argentina was bailing out Goldman Sachs and Bank of America before that nation cratered.

Anyone care to chime in on how the Carbon Tax resembles the IMF tax policies?

#5 Privatization of public infrastructure. To help improve efficiency, the IMF demands that nations give away much of their public infrastructure to corporations friendly to the banks. In some countries, all of the water and sewage systems were privatized. Use of those increased dramatically in cost, while maintenance ended. In a few nations it became illegal to collect rain water or provide public water fountains. In Argentina, one of the most destructive aspect of the privatization policy came from selling the state owned railway services to a Spanish corporation. that corporation never had any attention of maintaining the services. They simply shipped all of the locomotives that they bought for pennies on the dollar, back to Spain. As most of the factories in Argentina relied on the railways for transportation, this shut most of them down and led to millions of layoffs.

The USA hasn't gone this far yet, to my knowledge. So watch for this step.

#6. Well, there is no #6... At least no policy. But after the rest has had a number of years to work, a nation is effectively conquered and destroyed.


Now I didn't have to refer to a single theory, or supposition to lay out this argument. It can't be a 'Tin Foil Hat Nutcase Conspiracy Theory', because I haven't proposed a theory.

I have simply shown how the situation in the USA resembles what the Bankers under the umbrella of the IMF has done, as a matter of their public and documented policies. This is all independently verifiable. you can simply read up on it on the IMF website, and the many articles on the web and in print, detailing it's polices and it's practices.

You will find differences and more similarities if you look. Overall though, the differences in my view are relatively small and meaningless, compared to the big and glaring similarities. It's hard for instance to see how the massive funneling of the nation's funds for 'bailouts' differs significantly from the 30% tax imposed by the IMF on other nations. In fact in many of those nations, it's been shown that the under the table looting exceeded the 30%. After all, when the Treasury Secretary of your nation also works for a major bank, and the whole government is on the take, you can can get away with a lot of looting. Most of the even die hard realists that can't believe that people can plan and commit crimes, will insist that these nations are crooked to the core, then explain that's how we're different.

But now, it doesn't seem like we are all that different, does it? Does anything seem crooked these days in DC?

Now I think this does indicate a pattern. It looks an awful lot like the plan that was drafted and published by the IMF. Remember they wrote it down, it's hardly a theory. We might be safe to assume that this pattern will continue.

If so, then one or two banks will take complete control of every aspect our nation's finances and markets. With the expressed purpose of helping us, by taking away all of our wealth. As this continues, the banks can be expected to loot all of our pension funds, IRA's, 401ks, etc... in various forms and fashions. Already the banks are denying people the right to access their 401ks. they are doing this they say, because they don't want people to take a loss on them. But we know there is also a fear that a run on 401ks will damage the markets and the banks. When you can't get money that is legally yours, then it's not yours anymore. As the banks don't have to let you take money out of your 401k, they actually own it, not you. You have no rights.

These considerations in my view, have a huge impact on the markets, and the future of our nation's economy.

Now, this could all be a happy accident. We might change course at any time. But if we continue to follow the 'Austerity Measures' script as documented by the IMF, either intentionally or accidentally, then we are going to end up where the other nations that did this, ended up.

And that is not a happy place.

We as a nation I believe, ignore this at our peril.


At 4:04 PM, Blogger edgar said...

Can anyone take a look at how the maggots ruthlessly exploit other countries / people and think that it couldn't happen to them?

I like to imagine the assholz in power as being uptight, angry, controlling, because the way I've lived would piss them off to no end. Seriously, alot of their policies seem bound and determined to f@ck everyone over and make everyone unhappy. Well, I've got news for them:


At 4:19 PM, Anonymous buzzsaw99 said...

The ones who crack me up are those who say: "THey wouldn't do XYZ again because it ended so badly last time. LMAO!!!

At 7:24 PM, Blogger Bukko_in_Australia said...

It's all straight out of "Shock Doctrine" by Naomi Klein and "Diary of an Economic Hitman" by John Perkins. The truth is out there, in books that have sold millions of copies. But for every million people who have read them, there are 25 million people who haven't. And that 25 million doesn't need to plug their ears -- they've got their heads so far up their arses that it's unnecessary.

At 8:24 AM, Blogger Weaseldog said...

Bukko, I've tried to see this as a case where conflicting interests, tend to act to produce similar outcomes over and over.

This is a way to visualize the theory of the consequences of incompetence.

And I could probably make a case for that.

But I have one nagging detail that blows that away. The IMF documents the procedure, proving that it is premeditated.

I can take that a step further and suggest that they bumbled their way to creating this procedure, but then I get stuck with similarities in the methods used by the Brits and their colonies.

At 11:45 AM, Blogger fallout11 said...

It's just classical imperial mercantilism, practiced on a new and vast scale.

At 11:49 AM, Blogger Weaseldog said...

Fallout11, that's exactly what it is.

But we're out of new lands to conquer and pillage.

So now we must resort to cannibalistic capital expansion...

At 7:09 AM, Blogger fallout11 said...

Right you are, and hence comprehensive catabolic collapse is definitely in the cards.


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