Monday, June 29, 2009

A Modest Proposal For Health Care

When thinking about this an other topics this morning, I began wondering what a real market based economy would do for health care and I came to some interesting conclusions.

If we really did look at health care from a pure market economy point of view, then our system is completely whacked. First off, there is no reason to spend large sums of money on any form of healthcare for a single human being. in the corporate structure, no human being is indispensable. When Donald Rumsfield passes away, an another pasty old man that enjoys profiting from death and injury will rise up to take his place. So in that view, there's no reason to spend money keeping people alive, when replacing them is cheaper.

In a true market based health care system, insurance representatives would triage patients, on site or in the ER. They would decide if the injuries were worth treating, and would give the order to have people euthanized if their treatment outweighed the cost of replacing them as an employee. People who are not working or are retired would not get any healthcare. They represent a net productive drain on the corporate economic system. Once euthanized, their estates could be looted and used to generate profits for the corporate structure.

The cost saving to the insurance industry would be tremendous. They would continue to earn the premiums that they currently enjoy, but they would never have to cut another large check for medical services. If a CEO were involved in a serious car accident, the agent could do a cost analysis against treatment or replacing him out of the corporate inventory systems. If he or she were to require months of rehabilitation, during that time an interim CEO would doing his or her duties anyway, proving that CEOs are fungible. You could have them or or have them there. So why not just euthanize the CEO in the emergency room and cut the cost of expensive life saving procedures?

As to folks like you and I, we could probably be put down at the scene of the accident by an EMT trained in insurance triage. A quick look at our credit score would tell the paramedics if we need to be triaged by a professional at the hospital or we should be euthanized right there on the scene.

As many people have pointed out to me, there is no right to healthcare. No one deserves healthcare.

If you still want healthcare under this system, then arrangements could be made. You could pay for the healthcare in advance and hire attorneys to intercede on your behalf. This would differ from standard insurance in that you would prepay for procedures, and you would be banked a set limit of medical procedures to be performed in case of emergency. So long as your treatment doesn't exceed this value, you won't be euthanized. The triage agent would of course be disposed towards euthanizing you anyway, because then the money you put into escrow would become their profits, but that's what the attorney's are for. They would attempt to come to your aid, and try to prevent your euthanasia procedure using red tape to tie up the triage agent. Perhaps by getting a signed order by a judge, to block the procedure, and compel more expensive treatments, for a period of time.

I think this is the natural evolution of a market based health care system. As we know, the market is the best tool we have for making decisions. If this system can earn big profits for someone, then it is the right system for us.

And this is my modest proposal for health care.


At 3:29 PM, Blogger an average patriot said...

It really bothers me, I just heard Obama like daddy Bush if looking at raising taxes on the middle class to pay for health care.
I like your true market based Health care but who would make the decision to euthanize?

At 6:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Egads! that's just plain $cary. It would certainly put a new slant on no one deserves healthcare

So could poor peasant types then wear a signs reading, "Keep them crazy damned doctors away from me!" ???

Lot's of old timers have been saying that for years anyhow.

At 6:58 AM, Blogger Weaseldog said...

Euthanasia would be a corporate decision of course. Someone in a suit, that had been to an appropriate training seminar would make the decision. Diebold will write the software that helps score your market value.

That's what the Free Market Worshipers want. the Free Market after all, is the best judge of whether we should live or die.

Yeah Wild Gyspy, the smart folks would run away. :)

At 12:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to keep beating a dead horse walking, but healthcare is my #1 soapbox...

I recently overheard an ER healthcare worker explain to staff why they shouldn't revive certain patients based totally upon socio-economic factors.

I vehemently voiced my opinion to another staff membeer that was exactly why I left healthcare....

you know, it's the fatties, the druggies, the street people, the 1st generation immigrants, the elderly, the vets, the smokers, the mentally ill, the druggies, the little old ladies (LOL's), the alzheimers dudes, the quads, the gays, the HIV'ers, the inmates, the prisoners, the abortionista's and those fricken "sick" people... if it weren't for all them, well health care would be much more lucrative.

Hey, if you loan me $75 a month and your employer matches me, I'll take care of you later... if I decide I want to, that is. Otherwise, just send me the money and I will make you understand why you dont deserve it.

Run away!

At 10:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the Nazi's already offered a similar socio-economic based healthcare system for a few million folks, complete with euthanasia triage and estate looting. Didn't work out to well for them in the end, though.


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