Thursday, November 05, 2009

Voter Fraud In My State

h/t Karl Denninger

It seems a little strange that Karl continues to post article after article on the widespread corruption in our political system, but insists that our corruption is nothing like the corruption seen in politics in other countries.

Now in Argentina, the corruptiuon really became endemic when the gov started appointing banking representatives to run government organizations and to set policies. They rewarded the bankers that destroyed their country, with even more power.

In the USA, we're different, because we're doing the same thing. Well Karl says we're different, but I can't really figure out why. He can't explain it, but he says it's true, because he says so.

For instance, we have a former Goldman Sachs VP appointed as Under Secretary of State for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs-designate (since July 2009). h/t Kitty, from Petropest Launchpad.

I have to wonder, as the evidence for widespread corruption and conspiracy in our government continues to mount, when is that 1200 amp denial fuse in Karl's brain, gonna blow? I wonder how many stories of corruption and banking conspiracies he can post, and still insist that we have an honest and decent government, that has nothing in common with other governments that are corrupt?

As to the this Texas story, I have read accounts previously, where politicians in the house and senate coast votes for each other, when one is absent. What we see in this video in my home State's Capital, is essentially the same thing. The thing is, it's up to the representative present to decide the vote, as the person they are voting for, will probably never know how their vote was cast, or what they voted on.

I think we can assume that the missing lobbyists are out partying with lobbyists. That's what they do, right?

I'm surprised that Karl is surprised by this. I don't understand why he wasn't aware of this practice, years ago. What's up Karl? Why didn't you already know this?


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