Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Question For Democrats

Have we given Obama enough time to show us what kind of President he will be?

Or do we need to wait a while longer before we judge him?

Does he need more time, before we can hope that he might act on the principles, that we would wish him to hold dear to his heart?

Has the clock run out on Nancy Pelosi yet, or should we wait a little longer to see if she'll quit sniffing neoconservative butts, like a dog in heat?

If you folks can't control your party, then the neocons are going to be back in control soon. You opportunity for change will have been squandered, and the Republicans will build on the legacy of anti-American fascism that Bush and Obama have worked so hard to build.

So long as you support Obama's policies, you're going to get more war, more corporatism and a continual erosion of civil liberties.

And to you Republicans, why are you folks against Healthcare. You folks fought to run up a debt to make the Muslims that own Halliburton and many of our defense contractors wealthy. You argued with me that Hallliburton needs the giant big bucks, because they are the only corporation qualified to do what they do, like operate cafeterias and latrines. And you told me that soldiers can't do these things. So Halliburton needs to be paid like $50 bucks a plate, to server spoiling food to marines.

so what's the big deal about Healthcare Reform. It's purpose is the same. to rip you off and give the money to rich people. You made it a of patriotism during Bush's presidency. Are you turning traitor now? You love being ripped off before, what happened?

Is the only difference that we're only throwing money away, whereas with Bush we also threw away American lives? If so, have hope! Obama is escalating the glory wars! Soon we'll be wasting American lives faster than ever! and we'll be wasting even more money!

And remember, whatever expansion of waste and fraud that Obama delivers, is just a new baseline for the Republican Party to build on when it retakes the White House.

So when Obama leaves, whatever massive foundation of looting and pillaging he has built in the Democratic Party image, the Republican will be able to refocus, to grow and expand to provide graft and tributes for Republican interests.

So don't worry, be happy. We'll be swapping out Lady Liberty's Rapists soon enough.


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