Friday, October 09, 2009

The Nobel Booby Peace Prize

I sat incredulously and listened to the new reports that President Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. I waited patiently to hear why they awarded it to him. Did he accomplish something in Europe that we did not hear about in the USA? Did Israel make Peace with the Palestinians? Did Obama end the two wars that he's been escalating?

No, it was none of those things. Obama was awarded the prize because the Norwegians had feelings of hope. Obama made them feel warm and fuzzy, and gosh darn it, they really like him. Never mind his broken promises. Never mind that he is fully supportive of two wars that accomplish nothing for the USA, yet incur staggering expenses and have caused the death of well over a million innocent human beings. At least that was the count a few years ago. Now that Obama is in office, we seem to have turned a blind eye to the continued glorification of the USA through the slaughter of human beings.

And as Obama contemplates whether he should send more troops to waste more money, slaughtering more human beings for no good reason, he has now been endowed with the most prestigious award in the field of the humanities.

And I'll say it out loud. the Nobel Prize For Peace is now officially a stupid joke.

I had hoped that when the committee gave the award to the human slaughter demon, Henry Kissinger, that they were experiencing a temporary lapse of reason. Henry Kissinger has worked tirelessly all of his life to have people slaughtered for politic expediency, all over the globe. He played a principal role in getting 50,000 American and 65,000 Vietnamese slaughter in the Vietnam war. A war that appears ever more senseless as we gain more clarity in hindsight. Good arguments have been made that he should have been tried for war crimes and likely executed for the role he played. And we give this bloodthirsty demon a Nobel Peace Prize?

So now the prize isn't given out based on actions or accomplishments, but on the feelings that a person inspires in the committee members. Why couldn't the members just send roses and chocolates, and leave the reputation of the Nobel Prize for Peace intact?

Oh, I've got a funny feeling in my toe! - Bigwig


At 7:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Weaseldog,

Have they not seen the pictures of children with their skin burned off? Have they been watching gitmo lately? The man is slightly above Hitler on the evolutionary ladder and they liken him to Mother Theresa? The least they could have done is give the money to a poor person. Egad.

At 5:40 PM, Blogger judyofthewoods said...

Same ol' change, I guess.

And I'm not fooled by the cute bunny - I've seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I know all about bunnies, huh!

At 8:12 PM, Anonymous buzzsaw99 said...

This is how I know kd is full of crap. He wrote:

The dollar's reserve currency status isn't a function of The US "military might"...

I have read him imply that it was dozens of times. He is now an inflationist but when we mocked him for being a deflationist he banned us. He is a know-nothing puke hack charlatan.


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