Friday, February 03, 2006

Still Another Open Letter To Pete Sesssions

I see that the Patriot Act was extended again. It's big, unconstitutional, but touted as a necessary evil in waging the war on terror.

You've argued that it's a highly effective tool in fighting the war on terror. And it does so by removing constitutional freedoms from Americans.

If it is as effective as you argue it is, then how many American terrorists have been tried and convicted under this legislation? The number of Americans arrested, tried and convicted I would expect, must be in the thousands, in order to make suspension of constitutional rights a trade off worth considering. Can you point me to any resource that document shte thousands of American terrorists that have been convicted because this law exists, and could not have been tried and convicted under constitutionally legal legislation?

And also, could you point me to a resource that describes how many more arrests and convictions have resulted from the President illegally spying on Americans, than would have resulted, had he used the FISA act?

Do the courts now as a matter of fact, use illegally obtained or falsified evidence in court cases?


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