Thursday, March 02, 2006

Is There Any Reason To Be Surprised?

You bet there is! Can you believe the AP actually reported a hugely negative Bush story and the major networks actually aired it? You can see what I'm talking about at Crooks And Liars.

Why are the major media outlets airing trughtful things about Bush? Isn't it against their policy to air stories that show the real Bush? Aren't they required to only report the pleasant fictions? I'm flabbergasted!

I don't think the fact that the President was well briefed about the coming destruction, and that he lied about it afterwards was a real surprise to most people. The President argued that his hand picked appointees weren't worth crap and withheld information about Katrina from him, as he flew around the country partying and having fun. And while lazing at the Ranch, flying to fund raisers and have a generally good time, he was unaware that a hurricane would and did cause massive damage in New Orleans.

Fact is, he knew all along. He knew there would be massive deaths. He knew there would be massive damage. He knew it would be a disaster. He knew, but he didn't care. He had other priorities. He was making his own reality. In our reality, the death of thousands of Americans is a bad thing. In Bush's reality, this is a non-event except that it intereferes with vacationing and party going. It's a nuisance that he'd just rather pretend never happened.

The federal government withheld support and services because it just doesn't care. Bush and Brownie didn't want these troubles to interfere with partying, and eating at expensive restuarants. They had the power and authority to make a difference. But that would've entailed work, skipping lobster dinners and not making it to parties. Had they done their jobs, they could've made a difference.

They instead chose to just let people die.


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