Monday, February 06, 2006

Another Open Letter To Pete Sessions

What's this about Condaleeza Rice saying the White House was caught off guard by the election of Hamas in Palestine?

Isn't the purpose of illegal spying on Americans and the continuance of the illegal Patriot Act intended to make the White House more aware of threats against our nation?

After years of spying on Americans, and telling us that they have to keep illegally spying Americans in order to fight terrorism, they are still caught off guard by something they could probably have read in a Palestinian newspaper?

How many more billions of dollars do we need, in order for the White House to get a small clue about the rest of the world? Spying on private conversations between Congressmen and their spouses will not teach Condaleeza Rice anything about what's going in Palestine.

The administration has continually screwed things up and caused massive loss of life, not because they aren't getting enough money or that they are limited by laws, they are screwing up because they are inept bunglers.

And yet, you continue to insist that the only way that these Keystone Cops can save us from the boogey man, is to give them more power?

Condaleeza shouldn't have given that speech. If the White House is that ignorant of affairs going on in the Middle East, they should just keep quiet. Announcing to the world how ignorant they are of ME politics is just a frigging stupid move.

These people don't need more power. They aren't qualified to yield it. They need limits so that they are not a danger to themselves and others.


At 4:07 PM, Blogger Puma said...

Oh my god Weasel. There you go trying to use logic again. You really need to give that up, dude. Don't you know this is Opposite World? This is the Machine. *slaps you upside your head*


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