Thursday, February 23, 2006

"People don't need to worry about security." – George Bush

"This deal wouldn't go forward if we were concerned about the security of the United States of America" – George Bush

Bush on Thursday questioned whether a double standard was being applied to a Middle East company, saying, "It's OK for a British company to manage ports, but not OK for a company from a country that's also a valuable partner" in the war on terror.
Bush added, "It's really important that we not send mixed messages to allies." – George Bush

So where does China stand on this? Bush made it clear that the deal allowing China buy Chevron would pose a threat to our National Security.

So the message from Bush is clear. China which sells cheap crap to use through Walmart is our enemy and a threat. The United Arab Emirates which has a history of supporting terrorism against the United States and is still known to be a port of entry for smuggling nuclear materials into Iran is our friend.
Bush has spoken, supporters of international terrorism are our friends, nations that we have free trade agreements with, are our enemies.

But as Bush made clear, we should be happy with him licking our little puppy butts. This is a matter for adults and the American people are too ignorant to understand the adult world that he lives in. We should trust him, because he can tell the good terrorists that want to kill us from the bad terrorists that want to kill us.

In my opinion, our ports are of vital importance to our National Security; they should all be managed and maintained by the US government or by US corporations with no foreign ties. But I probably think that because I’m too ignorant to understand the Arabs that support terrorism, the way Bush does. After all he grew up in that culture.


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