Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Divination of Witches

Waterboarding, our newest weapon in the fight against terrorism has a long a colorful history. It's been used for centuries to successfully extract confessions from witches and other enemies of whatever power structure was in control.

Through the use of waterboarding, many thousands of witches, warlocks and other heretics have confessed to the their crimes, and put given their proper due. And for such a heinous crime such as witchcraft, torture is the only means by which to reliably extract a confession. After all, a fake Christian that has been having sex with Satan is unlikely to admit it, except under extreme distress. A real Christian will die before betraying his or her faith under extreme torture.

Here's Wikipedia on WaterBoarding

In the medieval form of waterboarding, a victim was strapped to a board and tipped back or lowered into a body of water until he or she believed that drowning was imminent. The subject was then removed from the water and revived. If necessary the process was repeated.

Although in a technical sense there are actually several other forms of water-based interrogation, all variants have in common that the victim reliably almost drowns but is rescued or re-animated by his captor just before death occurs. The technique is designed to be both psychological and physical. The psychological effect is inherent in the fact that the victim is given to understand that he shall be killed outright by dint of enforced drowning unless his cooperation as demanded is indeed produced promptly. This perception reinforces the interrogator's control and gives the victim sound cause to experience mortal fear.

The physical effects are extreme pain and damage to the lungs, brain damage caused by oxygen deprivation and sometimes broken bones because of the restraints applied to the struggling victim. The psychological effects can be long lasting.

The history and success in waterboarding witches, clearly makes this torture technique a reliable means to divine whether someone is a terrorist or not.

And besides, after we buy a suspected terrorist from some third world para-military unit for up to a million dollars, you can bet that person is guilty. Just like in the old days, when witches were given up for ransoms.

Of course, once we have a suspect, it's clear the suspect is guilty, unless he or she dies under torture, of course. So torturing a witch or a terrorism suspect is perfectly reasonable and such evil people, clearly don't merit kind treatment.

And why stop with waterboarding. There were many other tortures employed to successfully divine whether a person was a witch or not. Why not use them on suspected terrorists?

We could bring back thumbscrews, the rack, iron maidens, painful amputations, immolations, rats, dogs, etc... Think of the fun the Bush crew could have thinking up new ways to make people confess to terrorism.

And why stop there? We could bring back witchcraft trials too. Public dunkings, hangings, beheadings and immolations, could be a wonderful way to bring people back to the Lord. Church attendance would skyrocket as people rediscover their faith in God.

Isn't it about time we burned another witch or even a terrorist at the stake?

It's time to show the world what a beacon for kindness, love and hope we are, by ridding our population of evil people, by torturing them to death in public. Isn't that after all where we are going with this slippery slope?


At 6:42 PM, Blogger Seven Star Hand said...

Hey WeasleDog,

Good Article! Keep up the good works. We need to keep their feet to the fire until their blind followers are finally forced to see the truth about their brain dead support and participation in blatant evil.

Why do religious leaders and followers so often participate in and support blatant evil?

The time is long past to stop focusing on symptoms and myriad details and finally seek lasting solutions. Until we address the core causes of the millennia of struggle and suffering that have bedeviled humanity, these repeating cycles of evil will never end.

History is replete with examples of religious leaders and followers advocating, supporting, and participating in blatant evil. Regardless of attempts to shift or deny blame, history clearly records the widespread crimes of Christianity. Whether we're talking about the abominations of the Inquisition, Crusades, the greed and genocide of colonizers, slavery in the Americas, or the Bush administration's recent deeds and results, Christianity has always spawned great evil. The deeds of many Muslims and the state of Israel are also prime examples.

The paradox of adherents who speak of peace and good deeds contrasted with leaders and willing cohorts knowingly using religion for evil keeps the cycle of violence spinning through time. Why does religion seem to represent good while always serving as a constant source of deception, conflict, and the chosen tool of great deceivers? The answer is simple. The combination of faith and religion is a strong delusion purposely designed to affect one's ability to reason clearly. Regardless of the current pope's duplicitous talk about reason, faith and religion are the opposite of truth, wisdom, and justice and completely incompatible with logic.

Religion, like politics and money, creates a spiritual, conceptual, and karmic endless loop. By their very nature, they always create opponents and losers which leads to a never ending cycle of losers striving to become winners again, ad infinitum. This purposeful logic trap always creates myriad sources of conflict and injustice, regardless of often-stated ideals, which are always diluted by ignorance and delusion. The only way to stop the cycle is to convert or kill off all opponents or to end the systems and concepts that drive it.

Think it through, would the Creator of all knowledge and wisdom insist that you remain ignorant by simply believing what you have been told by obviously duplicitous religious founders and leaders? Would a compassionate Creator want you to participate in a system that guarantees injustice and suffering to your fellow souls? Isn’t it far more likely that religion is a tool of greedy men seeking to profit from the ignorance of followers and the strife it constantly foments? When you mix religion with the equally destructive delusions of money and politics, injustice, chaos, and the profits they generate are guaranteed.


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