Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Torture, It's Not Just For Witches Anymore

Those that are pro-torture are arguing that torture is an effective means to gain information and confession from suspected terrorists. And unfortunately it is highly effective.

And through the centuries torture has been used to extract confessions from people for a wide variety of crimes. For instance, from the Middle Ages on, torture was an effective means to extract confessions from heretics. It was found that hundreds of thousands of people had sexual relations with Satan, or at least were guilty of worshipping him and cavorting with him.

Had it not been for torture, the witch hunts of the Middle Ages, the Spanish Inquisition and the Witch Trials of Salem would’ve come of empty. Hundreds of thousands of Satan’s worshippers would’ve escaped judgment for their sins. Think of the historical significance of this great purging of evil and the good that was done in torturing evil witches, warlocks, heretics and Gnostics. Whole villages were found to be dens of Satan and this scourge was wiped off the face of the planet.

So next time someone tells you that torture is wrong, ask them what kind of world we’d have today, if we hadn’t tortured witches to death over the centuries. Point out that without torture, people won’t normally confess to being witches or terrorists. Torture is the best tool in our toolbox for fighting the worship of Satan and Terrorism.

And why stop with terrorism. We know witches are back in vogue and their numbers are rising. Write your Congressman and explain that the torture legislation doesn’t need to be limited, but expanded. Explain that it’s time to bring back the good old days when Church and State fought against Satan’s evils using torture and public executions. Let’s expand the torture legislation to include the use of it in divining witches and seeking out their covens where ever they may be found.

Someone that you know and love, might be a witch. It might be you. Don’t you want to be tortured so that society can find out for sure?

Think of the warm glow of safety that Christians will be able to enjoy, as they bask in the pyres of heathens. As they enjoy fried chicken, Rock and Roll and a cool beer, to the screams of their friends and neighbors, as they burn to death on the village green.

Write your Congressman today. Ask that the torture legislation be expanded to include witches. Let's bring back some of that Old Time Religion!


At 3:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If we don't torture the witches, they win. Get with the program Weaseldog.


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