Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Rangel Is Right

Every Republican should be behind the draft. We're desperate for men to fight and plan to send 20,000 more men into combat, when we need 200,000.

If the Republicans are serious about winning, let them push and promote a general draft. If they don't want to win, let them show us by refusing to put the troops in Iraq that are needed to fully subjugate and enslave the Iraqi population.

We're currently lowering standards across the board in order to fill quotas. We're allowing gang members to sign up so they can learn military tactics in urban warfare to train kids with when they return to our cities. We're allowing fat middle aged men up to the age of 42 to join. We're dropping requirements for mental fitness.

And we're doing this to fight a war that has no end. The only way our men in the military can be sure they won't be called back to duty, is to get maimed or killed. a bullet to the head or a colostomy bag is the only hope our boys have of getting out of Iraq. A draft would allow us a way to get the boys that have sacrificed so much so far, a way out of the conflict, to come home and to have a hope that they willl live to long enough to meet their grandchildren.

The Republicans want the war to drag out forever. If we never leave, then we never lose. If we never do what it takes to win, then we can keep losing forever and blame everyone but ourselves for the situation. But losing forever, like winning forever, means we never have to admit that we've lost. And if we're winning now, because we haven't left, then clearly Hitler was winning all the way to the point that a bullet entered his head.

Bush declared victory before the fighting really started. He continues to this day to tells us that, just like he did in 2003, we're still winning. If this is victory, then lets change the plan.

Its time for the Republicans to shit, or get off the pot. Either quit the war and write off the loss, or do what it takes to win it. Feeding troops at a slow pace to a neverending war is not the path to victory.

We've had politicians tell us that this war is like WWII and not like Vietnam. Now Bush is saying it is like Vietnam. That trend in rhetoric isn't moving us to victory.

If our politicians want the glory of refighting WWII, then they need a D-Day invasion. And they'll only get that level of carnage and bloodshed if they reinstate the draft.

Since before the war, I've argued against it. I wrote long essays debunking the lies that got us into this war. But now we're there. We need to decide on objectives and create a plan that will decisively determine the outcome of the war. Then get it over with.

The following Beavis and Butthead cartoon illustrates well the way I interpret the Republican view of Iraq.

Stolen from Red State Son

In further news, Iraq is continuing to work to expand diplomatic ties with Iran, and sees an alliance with Iran as a way of getting the violence under control. This means the US will have to leave, and Iran will likely be contracted to pump Iraqi oil.

American military interests since 1991 have revolved around keeping Halliburton in Iraq. Halliburton was charged with managing the oil for food program that was rife with cheating, bribes and theft, and under the program was the only corporation allowed to pump Iraqi oil. In about 2002, Saddam first began discussing Halliburton's role in the future of Iraq, saying that Halliburton would be kicked out on its ass when sanctions were lifted.

The White House Residents can't allow Halliburton to kicked out of Iraq. They must prevent this at all costs.

For the next two years they'll have to stop Iraqi and Iranian relations from moving forward and keep the Iraqi government weak. There are several measures they may implement to do so.

1. Dissolve the democratically elected government of Iraq, by force if necessary.
2. Step up the combat action at the Iraq / Iran border.
3. Start a ground war with Iran with a reinstated military draft.
4. Step up combat action in all of Iraq and completely destabilize the nation.

I don't see a peaceful solution to keeping Halliburton safe in Iraq and enjoying its spoils of graft, corruption and free oil. The administration is going to have to step up the slaughter of Americans, Iraqis and probably Iranians in order to keep Halliburton swimming in luchre.


At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Mike said...

I'm curious to hear how the usual suspects would respond to Rangel here.

Just to listen to the spin would be high entertainment.

At 3:05 PM, Blogger pissed off patricia said...

I agree with Rangel as well. If any war is important enough to get our military into, then everyone should be involved. It doesn't necessarily mean combat duty, we could use some homeland security people too. Lots of possibilites for service in all sorts of different ways.

We did as we were told after 9-11 and went shopping. That didn't win any wars for us so maybe it's time to try something different.

At 4:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly what are you smoking? A draft would be an unmitigated disaster from the get-go. You actually want to give the criminals-in-charge more human fodder to stop bullets and bombs?

Rangel is proposing a draft because he's a trojan horse - a so-called established Leftist who actually works for the elite. He's giving the "powers that be" all the cover they need to escalate their genocide in the Middle East. To many ignorant people Rangel's intentions are beyond reproach due to his supposed "leftishness."

This is pure folly. The criminals running this government should NEVER be given more bodies to work with. Given the shortage of military personnel, they'll be forced to wind down their killing fields much sooner than if they had an inexhaustible supply.

Rangel is playing to his true constituency. If you agree with his viewpoint on a draft, you're either very naive or very stupid. Rangle is neither of these things, by the way.

At 10:41 PM, Blogger Weaseldog said...

Given the shortage of military personnel, they'll be forced to wind down their killing fields much sooner than if they had an inexhaustible supply.

The draft is what killed Vietnam.

As I see it, this war will last as long as there is oil in Iraq and Iran.

There are plenty of Mexicans lining up to fight on the promise that their families will gain citizenship.

There's really no meaningful public outcry to the war now. And Both Dems and Republicans are making fortunes in bribes.

If you count our wounded that died after their helicopters lifted off, we've lst about 7,000 Americans in this war. With tens of thousands maimed. A soldier isn't counted as a causulty of this war if he dies in the plane or helicopter, headed to Germany. Its a cheatr to keep the official death rate low.

If the war weren't excalating then we'd lose 49,000 Americans with 2 million maimed if this war lasts 20 years.

Thats the path we're on. Except we can expect the death rate to escalate. So maybe 100,000 American dead and five million dead Iraqis over 20 years, is this what you want?

The draft killed the Vietnam war. People were largely apathetic until it ceased to be a war fed by volunteers. Just like this one.

The next president won't stop this war. Its a fight to keep Halliburton in Iraq. And Halliburton bribes people real nice for its billions a year in free money and its oil sales from Iraqi oil.

Iran has enough oil that once were' fighting there, we could probably keep feeding bodies into that country for thirty years.

I see this as like having a decaying tooth pulled. Suffer for years or get it over with in one painful session.

You really don't have to worry though. The folks running the internationals that own our government know the damage that the draft will cause. They simply need to keep Iraq on simmer until the oil is exhausted, then we'll leave. The draft will screw up their plans. You can expect to see this war last easily another decade while we bicker over it.


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