Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Baker Commission Report

Forget it. Whatever they recommend is all for the Dog and Pony Show. IT won't be allowed to interfere with the ticket receipts.

The White House has been running the War on Iraq as though it were a hostile corporate takeover. They knocked the management out of power and installed lackeys to rule as governors, while treating Iraq's resources as their own personal property.

To the Bush team, the people of Iraq, just like the American people, are their corporate employees. In their minds, they own the Iraqi people, just as they believe they own you and me.

Now they are running Iraq as though it were a US Government subsidized business. Their strategy involves getting as much profit our Iraq as possible. To do so, they are letting the US Government subsidize all of their expenses, and to even pay them to engage in profit taking.

Any strategy in Iraq that is borrowed from the Baker Commission Report, must not interfere with the US Government's efforts to subsidize the extraction of Iraq's wealth, and putting that wealth into private hands.

For this reason, the idea of using diplomacy is not an option. Hostile Corporate Takeovers are about buying people out, and dictating terms. It is about establishing dominance and taking control.

Diplomacy is about finding common ground, sharing responsibility and sharing the benefits. Its about working together through team building, with an emphasis on compromise.

If we engage in talks with Iran and Syria, both of those nations are going to ask, "What is in it for us?"

Well, there's no way Bush will compromise. So you can be sure that if there are talks, Bush will start insulting leaders of both countries before he goes to meet with them. Then he'll blow them off during the talks, and insult them in front of the press. That's been his style for six years. He'll come back and say he tried, but they wouldn't concede to his demands.

It looks like the vampires on K-Street are doing a fine job of turning the new Democrats. I can understand how tempting the spoils of war are, when War Hawks are offering cold hard cash on a silver platter. Our elected representatives are only human, and Congress legalized many forms of bribery, years ago.

Enjoy the show, we're all paying for it.


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