Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Same Plan - Keep Dying For Bush

Well, Bush has asked for his 15th or 16th helping of second chances. I'm sure he'll get it, after all there's plenty more where those came from.

I'm sure our soldiers and mercenaries will be proud to die for his ego, and the plan that doesn't seem to actually exist. I'm sure that more mothers and fathers will be more than happy to bury their kids in the name of giving Bush an endless helping of second chances.

How many years of increasing slaughter with no objectives will it take to win the unknown goals? How many more deaths do you need Bush? At what point will you feel that enough have died to feed your vanity? I would guess there is no limit to the number of sacrifices you would like us to make at your feet. I believe your vanity has a hunger that is never filled.

You've told us that the war makes you feel joyful. I believe it. You laugh and joke about the dead and dying, and I believe you are sincere when you do so. And you'll keep laughing enjoying the slaughter.

We know that you'll get many more second chances and many more will die to feed your joy. Congress will slaughter many more Americans by giving you many more chances to feed the fires of war. Just never tell them that its the deaths that turn you on. That the sacrifices are the point. If you ever let that slip, the slaughter will end.

Enjoy the sacrificial pyres Bush. We're burning them in your honor.


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