Monday, January 15, 2007

Vietnam 2.0

In two articles this morning, White House: Can't rule out an attack on Iran and Bush: Congress can't stop troop increase, the White House is clearly setting us up for a wider confrontation in the Middle East.

Bush says he's not concerned about his legacy, that he's expanding the war to protect America. I guess the more war and terrorism we have the safer we are. Perhaps once we're at war with twenty or thirty nations and bombs are going off in our major cities, we'll be really, really safe. As Bush has been explaining it, peace is dangerous because we forget that people want to kill us, but war is safe because we're killing people. Killing people as fast as possible, makes people safe.

Oh, yeah, and Iran is post peak on oil. We're running out of time taking their oil away from them. In a few short years, Iran will be consuming as much oil as they produce and that will end their exports. As their exports decline America suffers. From the perspective of getting the World's oil at all costs, I can see how Bush sees it as a necessary evil to kill tens of millions of Iranians in order to get Halliburton's oil out of their country.

Of course they won't all die in the bombings. They'll die over the next few decades due to the ravages of war.

I don't see how the US will be able to pull this off without a general draft. An attack on Iran will bring their military into direct confrontation with US forces. So we'll be battling insurgents with modern weaponry. Iranian soldiers with modern weaponry and losing both Iraq and Iran.

The parallel to Vietnam in this view isn't so good. Sure Nixon sent soldiers into Cambodia. But Cambodia was backwoods nation without a modern military. Iran has a strong military and modern weapons. They also have experience in war, and they'll be fighting on their own turf.

Where we will be fighting to secure their oil and we'll worry about cost cutting to get that oil, the Iranians will be fighting for the lives, for their nation, for their families, homes, culture, religion and their way of life. They know that if they lose, they lose everything. It will be a fight to the death for them. For our soldiers it will be more weary troop rotations with gear that is falling apart.

We're coming to a juncture were we will soon have to go on the cheap and sacrifice men instead of gear. Bush is taking us to the next level when the enemy will be surging. We won't be able to get hi-tech equipment out fast enough, so we'll have to draft citizens and send in warm bodies.

Our Neocon War Loving Pundits have been creaming for the day when they too get to cheer for a world war. They told us for years that Iraq is just like World War II. That the US and Britain are the Allies and Saddam was Hitler. I'm afraid that soon they'll get to cheer another big war. It may not be World War III but its gonna be a doozy.

In Bush's latest television appearance, he came off as extremely effusive. The prospect of expanding the war, clearly made him very happy. You'd think he was a kid who just got a new puppy. This upcoming attack on Iran should be a big ego boost for him. And starting wars is really the thing that gives him joy. As we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, it was clear in his television appearances that he was having a really good time. As the wars dragged on, he got bored with them, and they lost his attention. Same for Osama Bin Laden. He was pretty excited about getting the guy, but now he really doesn't think about him anymore.

Having a President that enjoys starting wars, but doesn't have the energy and focus to finish them, puts us in a dangerous position. Once we hit Iran and Syria, we'll have to wait two years for another President, that may or may not be able to resolve these conflicts. A lot can happen in two years.

And Somalia? Is Bush going to commit troops there and expand that conflict? Somalia is an oil producing nation. I guess no sacrifice is too great, when it comes to pillaging oil for Halliburton.


At 10:26 AM, Blogger Mort said...


At 2:59 PM, Blogger DED said...

Iran is post peak on oil.

Yeah, I heard that too. I was a bit surprised to hear that they were already running dry. Kinda lends creedence to their "we need nuclear power" argument.

At 7:00 PM, Anonymous mort said...

ded, I agree. Nuclear power is a natural progression for such a rich country. Energy security. Even the mighty energy giant Iran can't produce natural gas and oil forever. Besides, they can sell the gas they don't use for a tidy profit.

At 6:13 AM, Blogger Mike said...

I don't even know what to say at this point. Someone's gotta stop this madness.


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