Thursday, January 11, 2007

New With 7.5% More Splurge!

Bush has spoken. He has a new plan. Its same as the old plan. He's simply making a media blitz over adding slightly more troops.

We've done this before, but we didn't see the marketing blitz last time.

Will the insurgents give up now that they know there will be 7.5% more troops? I doubt it. If actually increasing troop levels in the past didn't work. I don't see how bragging will change things this time.

And you may be asking, "But isn't it 15% more troops?" And that's a good question. Bush has been bragging about sacrificing 20,000 more troops, but the armed forces have only found 10,000 more.

Will marketing turn the tide of battle in place of strategy? Will the old failed plans work better if the death rate goes up 7.5%? I doubt it, but maybe Bush knows something we don't?

Now if this were a ball game, we could imagine someone saying, "Oh My God! The home team is getting skunked! If only our team could put in 7.5% more effort, we could win this!"


At 2:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They say that Hitler was giving orders to nonexistent divisions toward the end of the war in Europe.


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