Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Spring Is Coming!

Yay! I got my seed order placed yesterday from rareseeds.com

Gonna try again to get a good stock of peppers in. Last year, my new puppy destroyed almost all of my potted seedlings. She's a bit calmer now, and she's taught me a few things. I still need to put a short fence around my garden area, to get them trained to stay out. They avoided it mostly when it was still planted, but as bare earth, it is very inviting. Ella and Teaser love to dig.

I'm also going to try an experiment with corn this year. I'm fencing off half my chicken yard and planting it in corn. When the corn is tall enough (can it be?) I'll let the chickens back in there, on a trial basis. I'm trying a Hopi Blue Corn and a tall variety of yellow corn. I expect the birds will tear up some of it, but hopefully not most. And it should provide them some cover from the summer heat. I lost a couple of birds last year before I got a mister set up. 105f is too much for them.

Along with a variety of peppers, I'm doing the usual beans, squash, tomatoes, eggplant and some heat tolerant cabbages. I really don't have much luck with greens as it goes from cold to hot so quickly, they start wilting soon after they come up.

If the weather permits, I may spend this Saturday getting the seedlings started.

Its gonna be fun!


At 1:06 PM, Anonymous mort said...

I'm jealous of your garden.


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