Friday, May 11, 2007

The Paranoia Of Idiots

This is what our government thought was a listening device?!!!
Well, I fell for it to. When the press reported that coins were discovered that had tracking devices in them, I thought is was because it was determined that they were tracking devices. In other words, they were broadcasting radio waves, gave off electronic noise, were disassembled to review the circuitry and battery.

But no. They were declared tracking devices without testing, in order to pump up hysteria and make the people fearful.

Has this story made it on US news?

Should we believe anything at all coming from our Keystone Cops Administration? Heck what if there was a real threat? How would we know?

Remember the boy who cried wolf? He cried wolf so many times that the villagers learned to ignore him. Then the wolf really did come and ate all of his sheep. This is like that, except we're the sheep.


At 6:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those new coins are pretty. Who cares if it is a listening device? The feds couldn't find their own ass if they made a thorough search and employed both hands in the effort. The terrorists and criminals are in the White House, but they can't be found?


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