Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chertoff The Super Hero!

Chertoff announced today that his gut, tells him that the US will suffer a terrorist attack this summer.

He cited a number of probabilities and guesswork to come to this conclusion. He pointed out that terrorist attacks are common in the summer months, pointing out 9/10 as an example.

Of course the date was really 9/11 and September is in Autumn, not summer, but don't interrupt him, he's on a roll.

As was pointed out by Bob Scheiffer on the morning news, he's either making this up or he has inside information about the upcoming attack. Another possibility is that he has superhuman psychic powers of prediction.

Assuming he's not a super hero, what do the other two options tell us?

If he's just making crap up, why? Is he trying to say that Bush's policy of sacrificing our young women and men in Iraq, doesn't force terrorists to fight us only in Iraq? That the Republican plan of creating a terrorism zone in Iraq, doesn't prevent terrorists from making attacks elsewhere? Wasn't that the noble cause that my nephew went to Baghdad for? Is Chertoff saying that our young men and women are dying for nothing and that Bush has failed?

Or, does Chertoff know details of the attack? Does he know of specific persons involved, and is powerless to direct Homeland Security to stop it? Is Chertoff telling us that even if we knew an attack was coming, who was involved and how it would be carried out, then the Bush Administration would be powerless to prevent it? If Chertoff has details of the attack and will not prevent it, shouldn't some Republican take on the Jack Bauer role and torture him until he gives up the intel? Isn't that how we do things now?

So Chertoff is just making crap up or, he won't stop an attack that he knows is coming. Nothing has really changed, has it?


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