Monday, September 10, 2007

Republican Party General To Speak on FOX Today

h/t Crooks And Liars

General Petraeus, the Republican Party spokesman for the war in Iraq, is going to give an exclusive interview to the Republican Television Network, FOX News.

I'm sure this interview is going to explain how the surge is working. but lest we forget, the purpose of the surge wasn't to surge, but to give the Iraqi Parliament a little breathing space to get their act together. That didn't happen, so obviously, the surge is a failure.

Over and over, the bush and his Republican Generals have decided on a tactic, thought up a mission for the tactic, then once it is obvious that the mission is a failure, they call the tactic a success.

To simplify, we're slaughtering Iraqis as a tactic to give them peace, freedom and a democracy. Though they aren't getting peace freedom and a democracy, the slaughter is a success.

The tactic has clearly replaced the objective. We are successfully slaughtering Iraqis, so Iraq is a big success. Forget goals and missions. We are successful because we have slaughtered over on million human beings. No other metric is necessary for the Republicans and their Military adjuncts.


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