Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Right On Schedule

We're still following the Argentina script.

The next big step is to shut down America's factories. The automakers will have to go.

Our federal government will spend big bucks now, reorganizing the automakers, then sell them off for parts at huge losses. Then the plants will get shut down, one by one.

I foresee similar troubles for Boeing's commercial aircraft division.

Argentina's railway system was also dismantled. The railway played a large role in that nation than it does in the USA however. Shutting down the railways, killed a lot of factories outright, that shipped all of their goods by rail. In the USA, we may see some serious damage done to our railway system, but i think it's more likely that more trucking will be shut down. The easiest way to do that is gradual hiking up of fuel prices.

As we follow the path to the USA's intentional demolition, our last big industry to wipe out will be in defense. As the other industries get wiped out, our defense industry will find it more difficult to operate. Materials shortages, and price swings will make production difficult.

I think that it's likely that the UAE's current efforts to build a more enclosed economy will continue. They are currently building factories, so that they can use their oil and gas at home, to make things that they need to fuel their own economic growth. As they expand their factories, weapons production will likely shift from the USA to the UAE. Halliburton has already made the move. I think it's only a matter of time before most of out hi-tech weapons manufacturers will also move their operations to the Muslim nations.

This isn't about money, or politics. The folks destroying America are likely looking at the bigger picture. The USA uses 25% of the world's oil. The USA consumes far more than it's share of resources. If the USA is shut down, then other nations will enjoy a higher standard of living for a longer period of time. For them, this effort is simply a triage exercise. After the USA is shut down, the UAE and Dubai can experience another boom in growth.

We've enjoyed the spoils of economic destruction in country after country, since the 1970s. Preventing Africa's economic development, and in fact destroying their economies, made sure that more resources would be available to first world nations. Had Africa become a center of investment, it's rich resources would've led it to become a shining beacon of industry. the intentional destruction of Africa, then South America by the IMF, kept the nations there from entering the competitive arena, and allowed us to enjoy their resources for our own consumption at ridiculously low prices.

That triage effort though, ran out of steam. The world is running out of nations that can be shut down, to leave a little more steam to grow on.

It's our turn now. Good luck.


Update, I just discovered Senate Bill 6117. Looks like Boeing is getting another bailout.


At 4:52 PM, Blogger an average patriot said...

You know Wease, I expected the air lines to come next. Need it or not I can't see Obama letting them sink. I forgot about the railways, they are already hurting.

WTF this really does suck. We already now have a 3rd world economy. Before we can fix anything we must fix that. Bring the factories home!


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