Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Austerity Measures in the USA

h/t Mike Ruppert and Co.

I've covered this topic in the past. When the IMF imposes it's austerity programs, it sells off public utilities to private corporations. Utility rates get jacked, and maintenance suffers. Often service ends, but the bills don't. To make sure that the citizenry pay through the nose for crappy services, it becomes illegal to utilize other sources for the same services. A state mandated monopoly is imposed.

These Austerity measures have come to the USA. It is now becoming a crime to use the rain water that falls on your property. We can expect more fines and fees for activities we once took for granted was our right to engage in, as our governments become increasingly desperate for revenue to fuel their growth.

And to continue the theme that lots of crap breaks down during a downturn, we have an Oil Spill in Michigan and another New One in Louisiana.

This is the trend for the future. Higher prices, degrading infrastructure, more frequent emergencies, declining quality of service, and increasing criminal penalties for innocuous daily activities.

Limited rainwater harvesting is now legal in Utah.


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