Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Lip Service War Supporter

I'm a lip service war supporter.
And I want you to die for my beliefs.
Cause this goin off to fight in wars, is not for my kind.
You're better off if I'm partyin and drinking wine.

You saw me the other night at the waterin hole.
I was shootin off my mouth and feeling stoked
Then a recruiter said son, sign here and you'll get a gun.
Well I turned tail and found myself on the run.

Well I'm sittin home and watchin a little TV.
Some boys were gettin blowed up in a humvee.
Then rang the bell, it was a recruiter givin his speil.
I slammed the door and told him to go to hell.

I heard some people are getting a little upset.
At all the killin and maiming and wasted deaths.
Well I want you to know, you're dyin for a noble cause.
So don't let no questions ever give you pause.

Go down today and sign it all away.
You could be in Baghdad in a hundred days.
The day after that, you can come home in a body bag.
And we'll drape your coffin in an American Flag.

I'm hopin I can date Jenna Bush.
That way I'll be safe sittin on my tush.
Cause whoever Bush calls son, is sure to get deferment number one.
otherwise if the draft comes, I'll hafta be on the run.

Sometime now this song will have to end.
Cause the hunderd and first keyboarders hafta win.
So it's a few tequila shots, smoke some dope and then begin.
And give them liberal bloggers a little spin.


At 12:15 PM, Blogger Russel said...


Forgive me for lurking. I've been compiling material for a blog in an attempt to document the begining of the end of the world as we know it. It was brought to my attention by a lady who is a member of a rather quaint site. She has opened my eyes and I hope these essays open yours.

Today, the War on terror has occupied everyone's mind. And while many rush to claim that its causes are linked to America's invasion of Iraq, and Israel's policies in the West Bank, nothing can be further from the truth - this is merely the fallout of the War for Oil.

As we consume oil we simultaneously add to global warming, line the pockets of the sponsors of terror and worsen the planet's political instability.

I'm curious to read your comments.

Russel Harris [writing from Tel Aviv, Israel. 2005]

At 3:06 PM, Blogger Concerned said...

It is great to hear from people around the world and get perspectives. So much of our media is now controlled by the US government and those corporations (or our shadow government).

Indeed this is all about oil, war profiteering and using people as pawns in a game and quest for power. Many of us in the united states despise what is being done in our name. Those who support their president (not my president) foolishly believe the lies they are being told by the US media and follow with blind trust.

I truly appreciate the lyrics posted by Weaseldog. They are echoes of those who are truly ignorant of what is really going on. Those who say them have been brainwashed and transformed into very ugly creatures indeed. It is frightening, at least for me, to see just how ugly some people are.

Educated people know of PNAC (The Project for the New American Century) and the neo conservatives plans for conquest. We are fighting this in every way we know how and it may take a revolution here. I indeed hope one happens or as you say, it may be the end of the world where all that is good and right is destroyed by evil, greed and corruption.

see PNAC But I am certain, as we are, you are equally aware of this travesty of a plan.

A Concerned Citizen for Democracy
Freedom is not on the March In America


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