Monday, November 28, 2005

Ready for Stage Three?

The success story in Iraq continues. Haliburton’s permanent bases are in position, Iraq is set up to fall into civil war, and the US soldier death count is about to drop.

This interview sums up some points that lead us to a conclusion long suspected. The entire plan all along was to get the military bases installed to protect the oil fields, then let Iraq fall into ruin.

The American people are ready to give up on installing a real democracy in Iraq and will settle for a puppet government and civil war, so long as American losses are reduced.

So the next stage of the plan is going into action. Just like in 1972, we’ll concentrate on bombing targets picked out by our puppets. They’ll decide who get’s bombed, paint the targets and we’ll blow up whatever it is, without really know who we’re killing.

Sure there will be advisors on the ground, just like in Vietnam, but this plan should reduce our death count tremendously.

But I doubt we’ll bail out like we did in Vietnam. We have a reason to stay and that’s oil. The desert makes it easier to create a buffer zone, as targets are a bit more exposed. We’ll just kill anything that get’s near Halliburton’s oil.

Just wait, we’ll be slaughtering Iraqis to protect Halliburton’s oil for years to come.


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