Friday, November 11, 2005

White House to America - Iraq is your fault!

This morning the news showed a clip of yesterday’s White House Press conference. It reminded me of the justifications that con men give for their crimes. They argue that they can’t operate without a willing victim. They let the victim believe whatever they need to, in order to cheat the victim. In the end, it’s usually the con man’s position that the victim is to blame for being stupid and gullible.

And so press conference the White House gave yesterday, sure was interesting. They finally addressed the lack of WMDs in Iraq. They did so by playing the same blame game.

Essentially their position is that, if you trusted the President on the WMD issue, then you share in the blame for all that has happened. It’s your fault for being stupid enough to believe them. The White House made that clear.


At 2:26 PM, Blogger mr. x said...

Weaseldog: I've been following Kunstlers blog for awhile and I thought I'd look you up. Hey, why all the fuss over how we got into Iraq when neither party wants to leave? I guess it's all part of the grand distraction. If there weren't oil in them thar deserts we would already be long gone. So what's all the hubbub, bub?

At 8:05 PM, Anonymous Gypsy Dick Wrench said...

gpewy Dear Mr. Weaseldog;
I too followed you here from CN a number of months ago. I very much enjoy your contributions there. If only I were so able. I view the peak oil situation's ability to explain the otherwise unexplainable in much the same way that the PNAC documents (Which are also of course, oil related) lay this administration's foreign policy cards on the table. Before anything happens in this world, you see the desire (PNAC) follow
the need (PO) first.
On to the news conference, It does me good to see the doings of this administration finally evolving to such a level of farce that hilarity ensues. It is bound to get better.


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