Wednesday, December 21, 2005

More Enemies Of America

So, the New York Times sat on the President’s Treason Story for at a least a year. During this year, the President continued his illegal and unconstitutional actions with the New York Times’ willing help and approval.

Had the New York Times broken the story when it was fresh, the move to force Bush back into a legal realm of activities would’ve occurred sooner. Instead, The New York Times gave Bush the assurance that they would cover for him while he continued to engage in lawless behavior.

If The New York Times interviewed a serial killer and sat on the story for a year, while the killer’s deeds went unknown to law enforcement, you can be there would be an outcry. But in this case, only the US Constitution, our freedoms, our protections, our honor and our dignity were being destroyed. Oh yeah, and the death count in Iraq and Afghanistan continued to rise.

The New York Times is an active accomplice in Bush’s crimes. They aided and abetted his actions. Further, by protecting them, they harbored him from prosecution.

It’s ironic that The New York Times work with Bush to destroy the integrity of the very document that makes it possible for them to exist in a free society at all, The US Constitution.

Bush committed treason. The New York Times were his accomplices. Those responsible in the New York Times need to appear before a judge and get shiny new bracelets.

In war time, traitors like Bush and the management of The New York Times are often punished with the death penalty. Will they get such a punishment for their work to further the cause of the erosion of our rights and freedoms? Will they answer for helping the terrorists destroy America? I doubt it.


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