Friday, December 16, 2005

Send a Christmas / Holiday Card

The New York Times it appears, sat on this story for a year. Well, they say they did, while they attempted to decide on the issue of whether spying on US Citizens without a warrant was legal or not. Most Americans know it is illegal. Most Americans know that the US Constitution expressly forbids this.

But the folks at the NYT, evidently didn’t know about this important document.

So, what other stories are they sitting on? I bet they have some juicy ones that could lead to more prosecutions. They seem to have a lot of info about a lot of crimes, squirreled away, if the last few years of print say anything.

George Bush swore and oath on the Holy Bible to uphold the US Constitution. His office (The Presidency), derives it’s very existence, it’s function and it’s responsibilities to this most cherished document. It is in fact, one of the President’s most important functions to safeguard the US Constitution and insure that it is adhered to and safeguarded.

George Bush the II, abrogated those responsibilities when he gave an executive order to the NSA to spy on Americans without oversight and without a warrant.

When he gave this order, he knowingly broke the law.

His order is unconstitutional and illegal and he knew it.

Bush should listen to himself. “We are a nation of laws. The terrorists don’t seem to understand this. We are a nation of laws.” – George Bush II

So I have a request. Let’s spread this meme. I’d like everyone that reads this blog to spread the word to other blogs and keep it going.

Send your Representatives a Christmas/Holiday card this year. In it, simply write, “Impeach Bush”. Let’s please get this rolling before the season is up.


At 3:28 PM, Blogger scott said...

weaseldog, you are one of the best writers whose stuff I'm coming across.
thanks for coming by my blog. I'm ashamed that I haven't done the post that I said I would promoting your site. I might just do it now. any american readers, or any readers that I can send your way are some better and wiser people.
I have just caught up on the last few posts and it's great stuff.
I actually posted that other comment to the wrong post as well. It was meant to be on the post about the air marshalls.
great stuff
how come nobody else has been saying that.
anyhow I will be back.

At 3:34 PM, Blogger scott said...

oh and by the way, have you read this analysis called the madness of george W Bush. a reflection of our collective psychosis.
you might like it.


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