Friday, December 09, 2005

Man With Suspected Bomb Allowed To Board Plane

“It appears that they followed the protocols and did what they were trained to do," – Scott McClellan

That says it all. No passenger heard this man say he had a bomb. He was fighting with his wife and ran for the front of the plan to get off. In this sort of situation, Air Marshals are trained to shoot people dead. Then they put guns to the heads of random passengers and punch cell phones out of their hands.

But as we know, the Air Marshals believed that this man walked through security with a backpack full of explosives. Why did they think that security let him in the airport with a bomb? What did they know about security procedures?

When I’ve flown, I’ve been asked to take off my shoes, empty my pockets and take off my belt. Twice I’ve had to lean up against the wall with my pants falling down while they patted me down. I’ve learned when I fly, to wear a minimal amount of clothing, even in cold weather and shoes that are easy to remove. I also make sure I'm wearing clean underwear. No telling how many people will be seeing it. I remembered the example of the woman forced to strip down to her bra in front of everyone and drink her own breastmilk. If they're going to make you get naked, you oughta have clean undies on.

But evidently where this guy flies, they let people get on planes with bulky backpacks that may have bombs on them, and they don’t search them first? What’s up with that?

"Air marshals receive extensive training, some of the most extensive of any law enforcement agency, and we are very appreciative for all that our air marshals are doing to protect the American people," McClellan said.

And after all these years of training, they're working for lower pay than officers with less training, like FBI Agents? Sounds fishy to me.

If they're so good, why can't they search backpacks before potential bombers get on the plane and have to be shot five times to see if they are terrorists? Why not catch these people before they get into the airport?


At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that women drinking her own breastmilk: sexy!


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