Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Open Letter to Pete Sessions

Now that Bush has declared war on the US Constitution, began legislating his own laws, declared himself beyond the authority of the US Constitution, US law and the Checks and balances that made our Republic great, what's next for Pete Sessions?

After all, you folks made Bush a Judge when you gave him the right in the Patriot act to disappear people without cause, oversight or legal representation. And now he's declared himself to be beyond the law and to be a lawgiver. So he now embodies all three branches of government.

That makes you redundant. There is no need for a Legislature or Supreme Court in a Monarchy. What will you do as a politician now that you are no longer needed to create legislation? Will you remain a politician or move on to some other endeavor?

Or is it possible, that you've read the US Constitution and you realize that Bush has overstepped his authority and has committed crimes against this Nation, against it's Principles and against Democracy itself. Not only that but he is adamant about continuing to commit crimes against the United States of America and it's People. George Bush has committed Treason. Will you stand with him, against the citizens of the United States of America and Democracy or will you be a true Patriot in this crisis?

Will you take your stand as a traitor and support Bush, or as a patriot and call for his impeachment?

Jack Dingler


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