Monday, December 19, 2005

Three Powers of Government in One Man

Bush is adamant about continuing his illegal and unconstitutional executive order.

And as media pundits are explaining, in times of war, our President is not bound by Laws. And thus isn’t bound by the US Constitution. And by a previous Act of Congress, he isn’t bound by judicial restraints either. After all, he can have anyone anywhere, taken and held forever on foreign soil, without charges and without trial.

Now that he is our Commander and Chief, our Legislature, and our Judicial System. Now that he is no longer bound by Laws or the US Constitution, he is now King. And further as he’s started new colonies and has appointed governors to created legislation and rule these colonies, he’s effectively Emperor.

How can anyone that claims to be a Conservative, be supportive of putting all of these powers into the office held by one man, and argue that he is not bound by Laws or a Constitution?

How can we call ourselves a Democracy and Representative Government, when we are ruled by a Monarch?

And if the US constitution no longer binds his office, then term limits do not apply either.

Where are the limits on the Presidency and its powers? I see none at that time. He is King, he is Emperor.

Bush once told us that we are a Nation of Laws. He was just kidding.


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