Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Abandoning the Sacrificial Maiden Policy

Just as Congress calls for an Victory Strategy, Bush decides it’s time to pull troops from Iraq. Is this progress? Rumsfield says so. Rice says we just don’t need that many boots on the ground in Iraq.

And they have a point. If we can fight a slow losing war with current troop numbers, we can still lose the war with fewer troops. Pulling troops won’t change the war or the chaos. We’ll still keep our permanent bases and Halliburton will keep getting paid to pump oil and keep all of the profits.

The current plan is to move on to the plan used in 1972. From here on out, we drop bombs on Iraqis to win hearts and minds. We’ll stop being a face on the street giving out candy to kids. We’ll become a terror from on high. When people whisper that the Americans are coming, it will mean that bombs will soon drop from the sky.

We didn’t have enough boots on the ground to maintain order, to help the Iraqis get a real democracy going. So from here on out, we’ll be bombing Iraqis into peace and democracy.

Now Iraqi politicians that are friendly to the US will paint targets for us, and we’ll bomb the targets. The trustworthy folks that tortured to death so many Iraqis in order to support state sponsored US terrorism will now be entrusted with deciding who gets hit with cluster bombs.

Now that the US has killed over a hundred thousand innocent Iraqis, to Saddam’s tens of thousands of Iraqis during his civil war, the new meme floating around is that Saddam actually killed millions of his own people. Now he’s been elevated to being a near equal to Hitler in the scope of his rumored evils. Such is the word on the street. These are the lies we need to tell ourselves to make us feel better about blindly lashing out in fear, at other innocents. Maybe next year we’ll start hearing the Saddam killed billions of his own people? After all, this war is going to last decades. Our collateral damage count by then will likely be in the millions by the time the oil runs out. And once we’ve killed millions of innocent Iraqis, what number will Saddam have had to have killed to stay ahead of us?


At 11:53 AM, Blogger Concerned said...

They may say they are cutting troops in Iraq, however, there are still up to 100,000 "private" security contractors that our tax dollars pay for as well as paid mercenaries from South America and elsewhere.

Bush to Cut some troops in Iraq , Privatized Warriors continue war - 12/23/05

Reconstruction: Iraq Contractors

and Private Warriors, PBS Documentary

Video - Private Contractors

and Columbia Mercenaries hired by Halliburton
Columbia Mercenaries Hired by Halliburton

Further on World Mercenaries & War Profiteers:
War Profiteers & Mercenaries

And then there is 70 percent unemployment in Iraq
Iraq Unemployment

To Be fair, here is a Google on Iraq Unemployment. US News Corporate News sources report Iraq unemployment is in the 20 percent range. But we all know how US media lies:
Google Iraq Unemployment


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