Thursday, January 05, 2006

An Orgasboard of Criminals

Jack Abramoff's confessed crimes have certainly given us a window into the number of criminal politicians there are in congress, and a glimpse of the just how many crimes they commit.

Word is that he bribed over 200 hundred Congressmen. And over two hundred Congressmen committed crimes by accepting the bribes.

And the best defense these crooks can come up with is, to exclaim, “But Mom, all the other kids were committing crimes and taking bribes too!”

Now that it’s clear that most of Congress is composed of criminals that are known for taking bribes, it’s no wonder that they approve of keeping a President that craps on the US Constitution and calls it a, “Goddamn piece of paper!”, then announces that not only is he committing felonies, but tells all the world he intends to keep on committing felonies.

And what I find really amazing is, that much of this came out because Congressmen were accepting bribes to screw the mafia out of millions of dollars. As a result, two men were executed. How safe do these Congressmen feel after fucking over the mafia? Maybe that’s part of the reason so many are rolling over. They finally got their IQs raised up to 85 and decided they didn’t want a bullet in their own heads? I bet that was certainly a part of Abramoff’s thinking when he decided to turn sipper glass.

When I was growing up, there was a saying I heard all the time, “If you see one snake, then there’s at least two you don’t see.” And they were right when it comes to some pretty nasty snakes. Cottonmouths often nest together. If you spot one, you’ll like find dozens or hundreds more all around. They hide from view, blending into the grass or mud.

So now that these criminals have been caught committing a series of crimes with one man, then we can be sure that they’ve been committing other crimes with other people.

And as the Republicans own the House, the Senate and the White House, they set the standards for everyone. And as many of them are pro-gambling, bribe taking criminals, their behavior defines the Republican Party. It doesn’t matter that Democrats did that too. Republicans have bragged for years about having the upper hand in issues of morality and religion. And they are now demonstrating those standards for all of us to see.

The Republican Crime Party is clearly a pro-crime, pro-gambling, pro-bribe taking Christian Party.


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