Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The March To World War

Today I went from wondering where we were heading to feeling certain I know. I don't know all of the actors, or how it will turn out, but one more piece of information came to my attention that I believe is the piece of the puzzle, I needed to see what the picture is. Thanks to Barry over at CFN for this one.

Wolfowitz and the World Bank
Looks like Paul Wolfowitz is bringing his trademark combination of ideology and incompetence to the World Bank. That, according to an editorial in Egypt's Al Ahram Weekly (translation via Watching America):

In recent months, there had been a massive exodus of top talent from the World Bank. The senior ethics officer of the bank has departed. Also on the exit roster are the vice president for East Asia and the Pacific, the chief legal counsel, the vice president for environmentally and socially sustainable development, the bank's top managing director, the director of institutional integrity (who monitors internal and external corruption), and the head of the information solutions group.

I knew that Wolfowitz had been named head of the World Bank by Bush. But time has passed, and I've seen little on the topic. I admit, I forgot it. But this is an important development. The World Bank is the economic sledgehammer used to by the US to keep other nations in line. Money is loaned to various nations to fight poverty and to aid in economic development, in exchange for complete economic control of that nation. The money loaned to help the country's economic development, is often used to buy shoes in Paris, or for state dinners in Milan. The poor in these countries, often see no benefit from the loans, as a few individuals siphon off all the money, leaving the nation riddled in debt and under the control of the World Bank. Essentially, people who don't own the country, sell it off to the World Bank for a huge profit. The international community sees this is a legitimate and legal exchange.

So what does this mean with the World Bank firmly in the hands of the Bush Cabal? It means that this very powerful entity that has been practicing exploitation with it's own strange mix of ethics and fiscal responsibility, will be losing all of that. Graft and corruption will take over, and it will lose it's power to manage it's assets or be an instrument of control.

Rather than being an entity that can shape and control the economies of nations then slowly milk them of their worth like a well evolved parasite. I believe it will transform into a completely predatory entity, that will be used to completely destroy nations. It will become an instrument of war.

The Bush Cabal is well known for it ability to wreak vengeance and to smite it's enemies. It's well know that this confederation completely lacks management skills and is unable to organize or create lasting institutions or alliances. We saw exactly how organized these people are, and the extent of their ability to overcome crisis, when Katrina hit. Rather than manage their interests and milk their opportunities. They are predators that attack and consume their prey, then move on to the next target. The World Bank will become an instrument of this cabal and will be used from now on as a weapon, rather than a management center.

And this stems I believe from what drives these men. They are men of conquest. They don't organize, or manage. They don't garden. They don't make stuff. They don't repair things. They don't provide any benefit to society. They rule, they conquer, and this is what gives them pleasure. They need conquest, because through conquest, they gain a sense of purpose. In between conquests we've seen them throw tantrums, become sulking, we've seen them behave like children. Their sycophants fear them during these periods and do anything they can to please them, to no effect. When they are conquering, the become magnaminous. They puff with pride. Their syncophants become fawning and trip over each other to give these conquerors praise.

They have the emotional maturity of five year olds, but they control the fate of all of us. And there are so many of them. They all know the secret handshake and they have organized, like playground bullies. Playground bullies with armies and nuclear weapons.

And so we come to the story of Cheney Vs. Iran.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Vice President Dick Cheney said Tuesday that Iran will not be allowed to have a nuclear weapon and warned "the United States is keeping all options on the table in addressing the irresponsible conduct of the regime."

Cheney said the Iranian government "continues to defy the world with its nuclear ambitions" and that the issue may soon go before the U.N. Security Council.

"The Iranian regime needs to know that if it stays on its present course, the international community is prepared to impose meaningful consequences," Cheney said in a speech to the to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, an influential pro-Israel lobbying group.

He said the United States joins "other nations in sending that regime a clear message: we will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon."

Of course, enrichment is a process that all civilian nuclear reactors require. We've learned that Iran may still be a decade away from even producing civilian grade uranium and that there is no way they can make the high yield uranium needed for modern compact nukes.

In fact they've been working on this since the 1970s, when the US was helping them get started in their nuclear program.

If they can make civilian grade uranium in a decade, they will be able to make low yield atomic weapons. They will be bulky, primitive ones.

And Bush has made it clear, if he wants to come after you, your only hope of stopping him is to obtain nuclear weapons. The stories of Iraq and North Korea, showed the world exactly what was needed to prevent a US invasion. Saddam didn't have WMDs and Bush knew it, so he was invaded. North Korea has nukes, so Bush backed down and quit puffing his chest at them. Bullies won't fight a fair fight. They always go for easy prey. So Iran knows that if they don't get nukes, the US will got to war with them.

They may or may not have had plans to obtain nuke before, but Bush has sent them a clear message that they'd better get them soon.

And how do we know Russia hasn't loaned them a couple for defensive purposes? Russia has announced that they gave Iran a few Sunburn missiles. These missiles are designed to travel at hypersonic speeds and take out the world's largest aircraft carriers. They brag that no system can shoot them down in flight. So if we can believe the Russians, the Iranians do have the capability to sink the USS Nimitz.

And that brings us to the insanity that I think our War President is going to give to us. I think at this point, it's very clear that a war with Iran is a done deal. We're going to bomb Iran and begin another expensive and protracted war. We'll see 40% of US oil imports dry up. Oil will spike in price and the US economy will decline. It won't matter what price gasoline sells at, because it won't be delivered everywhere.

Our leaders will blame Iran and all of the Muslim Terrorists for this crisis, and Congress will be forced to implement a general draft with lot's of options for deferments. We'll finally actually look like a nation at war, with high unemployment and rationing.

The World Bank will be used in the war to economically destroy nations that go against the US. Things will escalate and more nations, starved of oil will pitch into the fight.

We'll have a World War. Peak Oil will be 2005. Life for all of us will suck.

Or I'm just making all of this up. Oh God, I hope I'm completely wrong. But the Bush Cabal needs a fix. Our War President needs more war to build his ego. And of late, he seems confident, and happy. I believe that means that he's looking forward to another major conquest.

Bush made it clear in his first term that he is a War President. He made it clear that he wants to be remembered as a War President. War is the legacy that he will work for, until he is no longer president. MAke no mistake, Bush will always be, The War President.


At 10:47 AM, Blogger Concerned said...

Note: Regarding the fake Republicans growing nads about Dubai, the American Company to run the ports, NO Bid is Halliburton.

Been following the story and it stinks of Karl Rove from start to finish.

It's an election year and the neocons want their voters to think they stood up to a huge threat.

IMHO, this was planned, including Congressional reactions, start to finish by Rove. Whip everyone up into a frenzy . .and the "republicans" save the day even though it was Charles Schumer(D) of NY who wrote legislation against the Dubai take over. Don't get me wrong, Schumer is no better.

The fake republicans don't have Nads but know how to follow Rove's PR.

:) Love ya!!

At 2:23 PM, Blogger Weaseldog said...

I was joking with someone the other day that Halliburton would end up with the deal. Then I realized it could happen, and it wasn't funny anymore.

Do you have a link to that story?

At 7:57 PM, Anonymous realitycheck said...

You forgot to mention we will still be fighting the war on drugs, the war on bird flu, the war on cancer, the war on terror must go on, the war on terra, the war on poverty, although i am sure i missed a few wars before that one. World war III really? bidness might step in and stop this crazy train, no? 102 new billionaires not counting cartel members this year alone, yea for them. I hear your thinkin of tuckin your little tail between you legs and headed down meheco way. What a wuss. you going to blog from guadalahara maybe? part of mehecan drug cartel? that farmin and cock raisin, maybe have mehcan cock fights, whowho hee hee. google ahaha thats some where in your little bit of heaven called texas eh? if you are such a punk out, maybe you and ol jorge can hit up the costa rica, do they have a pacific side? You both tune to the same wheels fall off channel,he can book the bets with the amigos down there. Dinglers Cock Arena i hear its perfectly legal, although with bird flu sweeping the globe all cocks will be killed . new cocks will get a chip shoved into them to forever track. have anice day. Have a Nice real estate searchin day. (the plus is less time for tracking Hurricane Bush.)
i like the word verification ifbuf? what about amscram?

At 8:10 PM, Anonymous realitycheck said...

The war on Terror should read the Loooong War. Also forgot war on Peak Oil! that one i'm sure before war on pov. I sure hope WWtrey comes distant last but hey u never know accidents happen.adios(kool the letters change, ssles if the letters were arranged so they make sense are you afraid computer letter identification software would be able to scan and send you ads for meds?

At 11:33 PM, Blogger Concerned said...

((ok I did not understand any of that rambling, but yah we sure have a lot of Wars on don't we? War on Christians. And WW3 that is about to start. But hey? what's one more war.))

Weas here is the link. Kellog Brown and Root, also just got a contract to refurbish the "detention facilities" publicly stating that the reason is a possible pandemic, yah right.

Can we all say Zeig Heil?? I don't think either of us are good Germans. I hear Gitmo is pretty once you are outside the gates and not being forced fed lemon chicken and rice or being cut open or water boarded.

Anyway weas, here is that Haliburton link:

It is a video. I wish though they would shut up their "opinions"
News clip on Ports & Haliburton from PBS News hour and also CNN

At 8:14 AM, Blogger Weaseldog said...

RealityCheck, thanks for coming to visit. :)

The word verification is a feature provided by BlogSpot. I don't control the words that appear. There are bots available that will spam blogs, so using some verification seems an easy enough way to prevent that from happening. Even I have to enter the word to post comments. So I'm not asking anything from my readers that I'm not doing myself.

You call moving out of harm's way, tucking my tail and running. I see it the same way as jumping out of the way of a speeding car, or dodging a rock thrown at one's head.

Now in the online gaming community, 'not running' is considered a standard strategy. If you find yourself in a situation where the monsters in the game are after you, you don't run to another group of players, as you'll die anyway and get them killed too. The strategy is called, "Stand And Die". Then after your avatar is dead, some nice player will give you a resurrection, dust you off, and send you on your way. In real life, we don't get resurrections when we screw up.

When I was younger and a doing amatuer kickboxing for fun, getting ribs broken, sprains, bruises, etc, for the pure pleasure of it, I was taught that the best way to defend your self from an attack was simply, not to be there. If someone throws a punch at your head, move your head. I was taught this cowardly strategy by black belt wussies that could easily kick my ass, and often did so. I never thought to call them cowards while they were hitting and kicking me, and telling me to move out of the way faster.

now in order to not be there, when the punch comes, you need to learn to anticipate the punch. It's too later to move, if the punch is coming. So you learn how to predict your opponent's next move, by watching his posture. When you the punch is thrown, you should already be in motion.

Now in the US, we have a lot of punches coming. We have Peak Oil and Peak Gas coming right up. With those two are problems with water, as water requires energy to pump, purify, store and pump again.

In the mean time, our leadership is working hard to do the opposite of what's needed to prepare for hard times. Rather than work on the infrastructure, it looks like they are just preparing to treat us like herd animals. They aren't storing up supplies, or making it possible to run our cities a bit longer after energy runs low. Instead they are just building centralized feedlots where I guess they can concentrate people and services over the long term. As they aren't working on town and city infrastructures, I'm not sure it's intended that people will move back to them from the camps. They aren't telling us the plan, but it looks like they have one.

But past the peak, our centralized government will break down. Even now it's struggling to grow and consume more resources and having a hard time of it. As we're probably at Peak Energy now, we're in a zero sum game. If the government takes more, then the people have less. When energy declines, it will be harder for anyone to keep consuming more. If they do, it will mean increasing sacrifices for everyone else.

I personally don't think there's enough time left to plan for a future outside of the city. By the time I can, everyone will be looking for a way out. Land prices outside the city will increase, while property prices in the city will diminish. I'm probably stuck, and the notion of retiring in Mexico is just a dream.

Anyway, I wouldn't go near Guadalahara. Why leave one big city to move to another big city? As I mentioned on CFN, I was looking to buy a farm or ranch. How many of those have you seen in downtown Guadalahara?

And besides, I've moved before. I've lived in a number of towns in Texas, I've lived in California and in Mexico City. As I've already moved from the first home I was born in, I'm already a wussie that runs away. As you argue, every American that ever moves out of an Apartment or home, seeking a better life or following a dream, is just a wussie, running away with their tail between their legs.

It's been a dream of mine, for most of my life to own my own bit of land and a homestead. I've always wanted to tuck tail and run away from the rat race. And evidently, I'm not alone, many people retire and move out of the city, like yellow livered cowards.

Your advice to never move out of the city, is noted. But I think I'll continue to look for ways to follow my dreams.

Have a nice day.

At 11:18 AM, Anonymous donna said...

Float like a butterfly, weas. :-)

At 11:25 AM, Anonymous realitycheck said...

wease,wease, wease,
FIGHT!! Frick the dojo bs ok? you have represented yourself as integrity personified, so when you talk of bailing I think you do all who respected your thoughts a disservice. Now you might be like a lot of these guys, just writing to see his words in print, i don't think so. I am not like any of your fawning public, tho if its good, i'll say so, if not i'll say so. Believe this, evil takes the path of least resistance, harden your home and finances, and fight these assholes. FWIW I believe in peak oil and am well aware of its consequences. I have 2 houses and 6.5 acres in south east FL about 12 miles from the coast(the soon to be ocean front courtesy of Global warming). I hope to soon pump power back to the grid . I have a fish farm and 1/2 acre+ tillable. I do enjoy talkin smack, and believe me I can back it up. It just bothers me that if the situation was so dire, an immediate reduction in speed limit coupled with a say, 50cent energy tax and the immediate pressure would ease, then a popular movement could turn the tide. nowhere in CFN have I read reduce the speed limit. oh I am sure its been mentioned but it should become a mantra. If you don't believe thes two small moves would help i would like to read your thoughts. my opinion I will fight these a-holes. but like you i keep an eye on the door. I have always believed in triple aught buck for my protection and will continue. I bust your chops just a little and i do not mind the verification, like i said i thought it was kool.

now if "concerned" can get his lips off your but, i'd like to say to him, if abstract thoughts are construed as a rant he is an idiot, ok with you concerned? I guess that makes every blogger on the internet a ranter. I checked carefully,concerned and I am still trying to understand why you would bring christianity into this discussion, except for your rant, do you hate the jews too? and nuslims,buddists,polygamists, druids? or any religion for that matter. you ever here of just plain ol good and evil? Wease, I think you got the cock stuff, at least i hope you did. If not i could explain perhaps you don't give a shit oky-dokey,
really, we need all of us not pulling someone elses rope but our own. Personal responsibility, and integrity are the cornerstone of a balanced life.

At 3:06 PM, Blogger Concerned said...

nice to see you too and thanks for joining the discussion. :) I'm not sure of how you can make any of your assumptions at all, but that's ok. Jesus loves even you. Even if you insult people and spew insults. He will forgive you.

Yah, just messing with you. Truth is my statement above is just to make you jump out of your skin at your computer.

Truth is, I am a Constitutionalist (like Weas) and therefore what you said about hating people for their race, creed or color is an insane assumption and absurd. You didn't know how to recognize sarcasm. And I for one fight this criminal regime everyday through works not just words. Be it in DC or at our own state house or on the internet, I am there.

Please NOTE the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights. Yes, I actually know what it means:

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Let me quote Thomas Jefferson, whose words I live by: "I am for freedom of religion and against all maneuvers to bring about a legal ascendancy of one sec over another."

This video says how I personally feel.

It may be a little late for our country.

Attacking one another that are on the same side does not benefit our country. I understand you are angry, but do recognize an ally and someone that is on the same side.

At 3:55 PM, Anonymous realitycheck said...

the constitution is dead.
in case your unaware Cindy Sheehan is showing clearly another Rubicon has been crossed. If you know the Bill of Rights you will understand the implications of her bravery. You are at the altar of a dead or on its absolute last legs philosophy. So i'll spew a little more if you don't mind, on Feb 13 I posted a compliment (or so i thought) to weasel when i went back later this was the headline,

Oh My God, What An Enormous Cock!

Now maybe Jesus loves me and thats kool and you and me on same sides and all, i am just a bitter guy spewing my vitriol. Why can't i have a little cock humor?
Splain what fighting the fight is, ok? petitioning the Gov? building houses for the poor? Reading and trusting our free and fair press. the constitution as we know it is no more, get used to it. As long as they let us bear arms we can still defend ourselves, i suggest arming and night vision.

At 4:49 PM, Blogger Concerned said...

I appreciate your humor. Tell me something I don't know.

At 5:33 PM, Anonymous realitycheck said...

i thought i just did? based on your previous comments, see why communication is so important, either you believe the "Bill of Rights" is quotable and alive and well or you don't. I am now reading your mind and will tell you something you don't know,now
Shell oil bulldozed a perfectly working super profitable refinery in California in june of 04 just prior to beginnings of hurr season.
hows that? now you tell me something i don't know

At 6:24 PM, Anonymous realitycheck said...

dummy dust o dummy dust

At 7:15 PM, Blogger Weaseldog said...

Sounds like you've given up on the US Constitution.

I hope we can still get some mileage out of it. If not, then it is over.

What's left to fight for if not the rule of law? Simply survival?

And humor is welcome. Sometimes it's hard to detect in the written word.

At 7:28 PM, Anonymous realitycheck said...

The document was made by a bunch of rich white boys just like the 520+ billionaire club. The frame work should hold up and the ideal i hope but lawlessness is all that you see, from the top down what can you expect? We still can tell the truth you know no matter what stop pretending. The Fed is dead. brokeback cowboys who have dry humped the taxpayert till we are raw. If we can think top down and read Dummy dust o dummy dust. No hoax no imagination but they give us a target, Bill numbers, remember that sat morning Constitution blurb singing how a bill is made OR killed? i know its goofy, it sticks in my head. the document lies torn and soiled on the floor, is it still legible? what do you think?

At 5:07 AM, Anonymous mr. x said...

GWB's popularity at an all time low, what to do? I know, bang the war drum a little louder:


His daddy did the same thing when he was having popularity troubles. It's all about him, doncha know?


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