Thursday, May 11, 2006

You Can Trust Me This Time, Honest.

After lying to us for years, to start and continue a war so that he and his friends could profit from bloodshed and death, we're supposed to believe him now?

If he'll lie to profit from dead and wounded American Soldiers, why not lie about this too?

He did once say that Armadillos dig holes. So he has been caught telling the truth. It's just a rare occurrence.

Bush: We're not trolling your personal life

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Congressional Republicans and Democrats demanded answers from the Bush administration Thursday about a government spy agency secretly collecting records of ordinary Americans' phone calls to build a database of every call made within the country.

Facing intense criticism from Congress, President Bush did not confirm the work of the National Security Agency but sought to assure Americans that their privacy is being "fiercely protected."

"We are not mining or trolling through the personal lives of innocent Americans," Bush said before leaving for a commencement address at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College in Biloxi.


At 12:31 PM, Blogger Mike said...

But somehow, by lying with every word that seeps from his lips, it's almost a reverse Boy Who Cried Wolf. No one believes anything, so in his weird alternaverse, where everything is false, a lie is actually true.

Or something like that.

At 8:31 AM, Anonymous donna said...

They've got =every= phone call? Um...from when, do we know? Damn, I'm going to have to stop swearing so much on the phone. Might burn their delicate shell-like virgin ears.

Seriously, we're probably all in trouble if they're trolling for any remotely anti-govmnt talk. Talking politics is a freakin' American pastime, for God's sake. Well...maybe we'll all be in good company in the New American Gulags. I just learned to knit (=only= to knit, not learned to purl yet ;-) so I can make us all scarves to help keep warm in the gulags when the heat goes out because of no oil. Got that, you spying sons of bitches? I'm putting in an order for a truckload of Red Heart Bright & Lofty, various colors (surprise me) and a set of knitting needles. Fuckers.


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