Monday, March 20, 2006

Hey Pete!

My Honorable Pete Sessions,

I read with interest a recent article in the Guardian that has this quote;

"The US commander in Iraq, General George Casey, said that the troop withdrawals he had forecast for this spring or summer might have to wait until the end of the year or even 2007. And Paul Eaton, a former American army general in charge of training Iraqi forces until 2004, marked the anniversary with a furious attack on Mr Rumsfeld, saying he was "not competent to lead our armed forces".

I think overall, my fellow citizens and I feel that the war in Iraq is botched and that we are losing it. Sun Tzu teaches us that a foriegn army is at a disadvantage in a war of attrition. And this is what we are fighting in Iraq. As we are fighting a growing number of 'dead enders' that are showing their 'increasing desperation' by forcing our soldiers to higher ground (going back to air power where it's safer for us), we are demonstrating that we are fighting a war of attrition.

So Sun Tzu tells us that in a war of attrition, the army that cannot replenish it's numbers or it's supplies, will be the one to lose. Our recruitment is down, our fuel expenses are destroying budgets, we are being drven back and taking to the air, because we can no longer control what happens on the ground.

So it seems to be time to give up or escalate. If you guys really want to win, it's time to have one of those sneaky late night legislation sessions, and enact a general draft. You can sneak in all sorts of deferments so that rich kids don't have to go. But if you want to really give Iraqis freedom, you need to get hundreds of thousands of more boots on the ground and slaughter Iraqis until they are sick of the death and carnage, and submit to US rule.

Anything less is going to leave the Republican Party with a lost war and a ruined reputation. I know that our leaders will enjoy such a campaign. Bush can play GI Joe on the deck of an aircraft carrier again. The media will swoon over this courageous mission. the radio pundits will call all of you heroes for having the guts to really go after Iraqis, and kill them in order to win their freedom for them.

And it's not like you folks have to worry about elections anymore. With black box unverifiable voting machines being commonplace these days, you don't even need to campaign anymore, to get re-elected. As long as you stand by Bush, the machines will vote for you.

Good luck! I know that you'll do whatever is in your best interest!


At 10:17 PM, Blogger Concerned said...

Excellent post Mr. Dingler, well said.

Hope you got to read the voting machine articles I sent.

One of my state senator's is going to get a nifty surprise as he is stalling the bill to go back to paper ballots & get rid of DRE's.

I shall be continuously faxing him as many articles on DRE's and lawsuits from many states all over the country. Funny, his former aide is now working for Diebold Election Systems as a representative.

I'm just going to keep going till his fax machine runs out of paper.

I do not think MOST people were stupid enough to vote for the Felon Tom Delay . .yet uh duh he just won his primary by a landslide. NO people are just not that stupid.


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